Thursday, July 26, 2012

True Blood S5:E7 recap

Was someone just saying this season hasn't been scary enough?

Well, "It's already been broughten!!"

Top Scary Moments in this Episode
A tie between -
1) The New Orleans bar massacre, in particular watching the little kid being assaulted by the vampire with the deformed face, and

2) Lafayette's poor lips. Holy fucking shit!

But, like I always say, one of the show's best features is it's ability to mix the scary with the outrageously funny. Such as Russell Edgington's unexpected duet to "You Light Up My Life." (He gets me every time.) Plus I enjoyed the funny/scary drunken vampire frolic through the French Quarter, with Beel on Eric's back, and The New Nan Flanagan getting all buddy buddy with Russell.

Vampires forgive and forget like no others. If you think about it, several vampires were sworn enemies just last episode and in seasons past, (Russell vs. Everyone, Steve Newlin vs. Everyone, Beel vs. Eric, The Authority vs. Beel & Eric, Pam vs. Tara etc) but now the wacky Lilith V has brought most of them all together... to do what?

As the weres are saying "the end of days is coming." Was he really about to give little Emma some V? Holy hell. Martha protected Emma like I thought she would. Alcide in the barn - they make a damn good looking couple. She'll probably die in the fight though.

Ghostly Godric always shows up at the right time, doesn't he? Eric, take care of your sister. He will. Lilith was just a mass hallucination?

The new vampire-human hate group clique Lilith's blood has created pairs nicely with the new human-supernatural hate group clique Hoyt has joined. Oh Hoyt. Seriously? I know there's a thin line between love and hate and all, but you really want to murder Jessica? Hate groups are about folks who are missing love and acceptance, nice touch A-Ball.

Sookie and Jason could not figure out the meaning of the word "luminescence." Why do all fairies sound like middle class Brits? As Sookie tries to get rid of all her fairy light she could probably zap more than a few mosquitoes while she's at it. In the meantime, she needs to stop believing Beel and Eric whenever they in any way indicate they've taken care of Russell.

Speaking of Russell, I find it hard to believe he is so religiously convertible and malleable. Someone of his gravitas, wit, and cynicism? It seems like he should be just playing along, probably seeing what will come of it. That, or maybe Salome really is that persuasive as to the existence of Lilith.

Sam the crime fighting dog - I like it. Kenya's reaction to him sniffing the gun store floor was priceless.

Sad Arlene watching her wedding video - aww. I half expected a smoke monster to show up on tape. Terry and Arlene really had a good thing going. She'll keep holding on.

Lettie Mae Thornton "I'm a minister's wife now" riiiight.... visits Fangtasia and sees Tara working the pole while her master/new mother figure watches (nicely crimped hair, Pam, I bet that took hours.) Ugh, what a painful scene. Pam can't quite hide how she is starting to care for Tara. "A hundred years from now you won't remember her" sure sounds nice, but then again in Eric's case, still avenging his dead Viking family, and even in Beel's case, breaking things off with his descendent Portia, well, it is not exactly true.

Lafayette goes to Mexico to confront Jesus's loco brujo uncle. Gah. Most painful, gut-wrenching scene ever on the show? Yes. Yes it was.

Your thoughts?


Haley said...

I really liked this episode, and thought it was as good as some of those in earlier seasons. I think it's interesting that so many people absolutely hate this season, while others are loving it. I'm somewhere in the middle.

I think the vampire Lilith cult is fascinating, and I think Russel probably has his own plans that don't align with Salome/Nora and their religious devotion. I could see him pulling something crazy and turning on everyone. I wonder if Eric being able to pull himself out of the carnage while Bill "evolves" (as per the preview) is going to set him up for reconciliation with Sookie and some plan to try to make Bill normal again? Maybe? I hope.

I seem to be one of the only people who thinks that Hoyt is faking this whole hate group nonsense. He had no choice but to get in the van, and I could see him trying to save Jessica when they go after her (as we all know they will).

I hope the faerie stuff picks up speed quickly, since there aren't that many episodes left and we haven't seen much of Sookie this season, save for 5 minute scenes.

I love Sam the crime fighter, and I think Sheriff Dearborn is the Dragon of the hate group. Andy will stop him (or try).

The werewolf stuff is interesting, and I think Martha will somehow swing things in Alcide's favor since she is unlikely to forgive the Emma/V incident.

I LOVED the Pam/Tara scenes, and think their relationship will be so interesting. Who'd have thought Pam would be a good vampire mama?

The whole Lala story line makes me so sad, and I was scared, and I'm curious to see where it goes. Seeing him and Jesus in the video made me even sadder, and also I hope Terry conquers his demons and comes home. I could see Arlene saving the day, somehow.

Wow, longest comment ever. Sorry, but I get excited!

hush said...

@Haley - I love your comment, thank you! I'm so glad you're reading and sharing your thoughts. Trust me, I need the affirmation! ;)

This season has really turned around for me; I was not a fan at first but I'm loving it now.

Good call about Eric potentially reaching out to Sookie to help Beel - only, will she have enough luminescence left to shock the vamps out of their Lilith trance?

You're right - we've seen relatively little of Sookie this season compared to seasons past.

Faker Hoyt and Faker Russell Edington are also really, really good calls. I'm with you!

mom2boy said...

I'm catching up on the last two episodes tonight!

hush said...

@mom2boy - They're some good ones. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!