Tuesday, July 10, 2012

True Blood S5:E5 recap

This season has finally hit its stride - I'm totally into it now. (Though DH has actually stopped watching.)

"Boot and Rally" was this episode's name - aw, Sookie, I feel like you have your mojo back. It's so refreshing to see you in a decidedly non-damsel in distress role for a change! She kicked some serious ass at the haunted sanitorium of doom. Her speech before they all went into the abandoned hospital -- where clearly nothing good can ever happen -- reminded me of the best parts of the Scream movies, with the funny/pithy horror movie rules. Nice touch. Anyone else notice the admiring way Eric was gazing at Sookie when she went in first and told everyone to go for it? Eric has a thing for bravery in human women (Madam Pam's desirability comes to mind.)

The whole trip through the haunted sanitorium of doom was a great mix of the camp and the scary that TB usually does so well. Was anyone else concerned that they didn't immediately get those poor people down from the hooks?

I predicted Sookie was not going to actually do the deed with Alcide (at least not this time), and I also feel the need to point out that Alcide did not do the whole "narrate what Sookie's home is smelling like" thing after she vomited on his shoes. The other odd thing I found myself was thinking was, if she did happen to have sex with Alcide, would she have the proper birth control given she's never really needed it before?

The other highlight of this ep was the initial exchange between Tara and Jessica over the bar at Fangtasia. That was like the vampire version of the "It Gets Better" videos. Go Jessica. Then things all went to pot. I could not believe Tara fed on Hoyt, after telling him to go home to his mama. And that she did it right in the bathroom stall next to her only real vampire friend? And then they fought over it. WTF?

I think Luna is dead. I think Sam will live. Who is trying to kill all the shifters? Next season's villian(s), that's who!

So was it Nora or Salome who dug up Russell Edgington?

How will Lafayette exorcise the blue brujo who tried to kill Sookie? He didn't need to say that when he ran into his living room. I loved the scene with Lafayette's mom and Jesus's talking head, and the little talking religious icons Lafayette smashed into his carpet. Yikes.

Your thoughts?


mom2boy said...

I'm so happy TB is back! lol I was so not into the previous episodes. I had to watch episode before last three different times to finally finish it!

Anyway, Sookie totally rocked at the haunted house. I got the Scream vibe, too. Loved it.

Hoyt had to get fed on, he was begging for it, and Tara had to give in to her "new vamp" impulses since they have all said how almost impossible they are to fight (Beel still carries all that new vamp behavior guilt). Tacky that it was in the stall next to her new BFF Jessica, but then again, Jess had to save Hoyt, right?

I think it was Salome. I don't trust her. They've convinced me Nora is a crack pot. So unlike her initial appearance. I can't decide if that's just horrible character development or brilliant.

If Tara didn't die, Sam can't die. I will protest mightily if that happens!

I'm so so happy Sookie is back with the Vamps!

Anandi Raman Creath said...

Hi Hush! Totally off topic but I have a question for you re: working that I suspect you might have some good advice for. Got an anonymous email addy I could send it to? (Or feel free to email me via the email button on my blog.)

hush said...

@mom2boy - The Russell E saver might also be the redheaded female Chancellor of the Authority. Hmm...

@Anandi - You can reach me at hush everyone at gmail dot com