Sunday, July 8, 2012

Burger King's Bacon Sundae

When I heard about the new Bacon Sundae "available for a limited time only" at Burger King, of course I had to go try it.

Because bacon is delicious.

Don't gag.

And yes, I do dine on the swine.

So I parted with my $2.23 and was handed a ginormous hot fudge and caramel vanilla sundae with a huge piece of bacon standing straight up in the middle of it, with lots of other big pieces of bacon in it.

My first thought was: only in America.

My second thought: Is this gross or genius?

My 66-year-old dad and my 4-year-old son were with me that day, and we all tried it.

For my money, I enjoyed it. I've had bacon desserts in trendy restaurants this year, so I am open-minded about adding the bacony goodness to the sweet. They should have torn the bacon into smaller pieces, and mixed it in more thoroughly, and then added more chocolate and caramel sauce. BTW, this is something that would be very easy to make at home if you had all the ingredients on hand.

My son wanted nothing to do with the bacon - he just wanted the chocolate sauce.

My dad was laughing hysterically, and almost refused to eat it. Then he tried it.... and loved it. The mix of the salty and the sweet took him by surprise. He also thought it was probably a good way for the restaurant to recycle their unused bacon. LOL.

Anyone else actually tried it and care to weigh in? Or is the very idea just far too horrifying for the locavores?


Anonymous said...

There's a bacon chocolate bar that is just amazing. We at Grumpy Rumblings are pro-bacon.

Anandi Raman Creath said...

I LOVE bacon. In fact, bacon was what made me give up being vegetarian in college :)

I'm sort of horrified by this, not so much because of the bacon but the idea of getting a dessert item at a fast food place. I'm kind of a dessert snob, so if I'm going to eat something that bad for me, I like to make sure it's homemade or snooty-restaurant quality :)

But I can imagine it was probably pretty yummy.

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

Making chocolate covered bacon has been on my to-do-someday list, and I love bacon and I love sweets, so why would sweets + bacon not be yummy? (Actually, bacon baked with brown sugar is DELICIOUS, if you haven't tried it.) My one complaint would be I think Burger King's bacon is grossly overcooked in a fryer, so....meh...but I think making your own at home would be far more yummy.

paola said...

I love unusual combs ( honey/jam and cheeses; chocolate and chilli) but that one just sounds gross. Just sounds like another way to pack extra ( un-needed) calories into a meal. And no, not necessarily an American thing as the calorie packing thing has crossed the Atlantic too.

Got It, Ma! said...

I'm all for the salty/sweet combo and yet ... Maybe I'm just a food snob, but somehow adding Burger King to the equation significantly increases the yuck factor for me. I think I'm with paola. This seems intentionally excessive.

I have however been savoring, piece by piece, a locally made chocolate bar with sea salt, a birthday gift from my daughter. Eye rolling-ly good. The chocolatier trained in Paris and it shows. As I said, maybe I'm just a food snob, but fast food places just kind of freak me out.

feMOMhist said...

bacon goes with everything. I recall reading once that bacon was the most missed/tempting food to veggies :) It certainly was to me when I was one

Jac. said...

I also gave up vegetariansim for bacon.

I think this must be an American thing because I haven't seen advertisements here (Canada). However, I would probably try it. I have bacon/maple ice cream in Vegas a couple of years ago and I really liked it.

mom2boy said...

Tate loves bacon! I lost my budding vegetarian the moment he smelled it cooking. I don't eat pork anymore but when I did, I always covered my bacon in maple syrup. Sweet and salty is YUMMY!

Aubergine Kenobi said...

I'm not sure I'd try it myself (not a big fan of ice cream), although I have a very good recipe of orange cookies that has bacon in them. They add a pretty nice nutty-salty undertone to the cookies, so I'm definitely a fan of bacon in desserts :)