Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mommy Pick-Up

I've been waiting for it to happen, and today my time finally came. When I was least expecting it, in the middle of a large, bulk-buying retailer.... I got picked up by another mom with a same-aged kid! And she was coolballs! And liberal! And lives right here in Podunk-motherfucking-ville, but is originally from a large city, just like us! Hooray!

I really have my charming, defiant son to thank. My DS ran away from me in the food court and sat at the table next to this cute pregnant lady and her son. Her boy was sitting in one of those portable kid chairs that clips on to the edge of a table. We have the same chair at home! In the same color! And it is not available here in Podunkville, so I knew she must shop a lot online, and that there just had to be many common threads between us. And I really liked her son's shoes. Random - I'm not really into appearances, but for some odd reason I care about boys' footwear. But I didn't say anything.

Then her son threw a cup of ice everywhere, started screaming, and I was thinking - I should say something helpful? But then DS flipped a piece of pizza on my leg, so I got distracted...

Then suddenly she turned to us once the screams stopped, and she opened with "how old is he?" And we ended up sitting there for over half an hour and our boys played - really nicely. Turns out we know some of the same people and think the exact same things about them - isn't that a key basis for friendship? Not only that, but she's about to have her second baby in a month or so and I have a 5.5 month old. We're both Catholic but not religious. And I shared my tip on how to clean the clip-on chair: put that mofo in the dishwasher! We exchanged numbers & emails, and free days. Pretty sure the rest is going to be history.

So I can only imagine that this is what it would feel like to meet some of you in person. ;) Got any good friend/mommy friend pick-up tales?


blue said...

Oh, Hush! I am so happy for you! Liberals in Podunk-motherfucking-whacka chicka-ville. Who knew?

Believe it or not, I have recently found some like minded folk, myself. And guess where? My new BOOK CLUB, of all places! Sweet irony.

Perhaps we just needed to keep looking and waiting to be Mommy hit on by enough people in order to somehow find each other in the forest of fake plastic trees.

paola said...

I met my only non-Italian friend in the post office a couple of years ago. She heard me talking to the kids in English and had to bud in. I remember you had a post on first impressions ( that I didn't comment on). Well the first impression she made on me after the initial introducitons was not very positive 'cos she said my kids had names out of the Australian sitcom Neighbours! Well, they do, but I didn't want to be told that by someone I had only just met. Anyway the next time we met she was pregnant and on maternity leave with no. 2 (and had moved in down the road) so we had something other than being native English speakers in common. And so that is how I met my very first non-Italian mummy friend.