Monday, March 22, 2010

Median Voter Theory

Democrats, Health Care Reform, And The Center | The New Republic

The above link is to a really interesting piece critiquing "median voter theory" vis-a-vis health care reform. One of the best comments was by @blackton: "I hope the Democrats label [the next bill attempting to get a public option] the "No abortion on demand Public option," since the Hyde amendment would prohibit it anyway it will be the truth, and let the Republicans stand up and be forced to vote no for it."

That would be genius.

Then they should repeal the Hyde Amendment. The fact that it is good law today is so effed up I can't even fully express it.


caramama said...

Very interesting article. I have been very sick of the Dems not taking a stand on issues that I think they should. I am thrilled that they didn't drop the healthcare bill. It makes me proud to be a democrat.

I also wonder if there are voters who become median voters because the parties don't have firm stands on issues that concern them.

Also, I really wish there were other viable options than Rep and Dem for people to vote. A lot of people I know are socially liberal but more conservative fiscally.

hush said...

@caramama - I'm with you. I have never quite believed this is a center-right country. I think the right is a lot louder, and has a lot more angry fat white men with pithy quotes who they can follow blindly and say "ditto!"

We need a liberal equivalent of the teabaggers. Maybe I could get on board with that. Ralph Nader is the closet pol to what I think I believe - but then again I also have some wacky conservative beliefs on select issues.

caramama said...

"teabaggers" hehe.