Tuesday, July 26, 2011

True Blood recap - S4, E5

Well, Gators love marshmallows, y'all. Which means sayonara Joe Lee and evil Mama Mickens! And hasta la vista to Joe Lee's nasty tighty whitey underpants, too! Whew, that felt good.

Oh Andy Bellefleur... I was already afraid enough of police misconduct, then you came along with all your flagrant civil liberties-infringing shenanigans this season. There's no internal affairs division in Bon Temps, I presume. Don't your loved ones know you have some sort of serious addiction going on, beyond the drinking problem of course? With all of those boundaries you keep crossing on Sam Merlotte, one of these days Sam's anger management training won't be sufficient enough to keep him from feeding YOU to the alligators. Speaking of which, Tommy's interpretation of the various Commandments he violated rocked. It was odd though that Sam chose that moment to confess his own murderous past to Tommy - bet that will come back to bite Sam in the ass.

And Portia Bellefleur... trying desperately to make the case that she and Beel could legally keep getting it on was at once sad and funny. But mostly icky. Thank you Beel for being the voice of reason. Beel should have definitely added the suggestion "You find incest revolting" as he glamored away her affections.

Lafayette had a couple of good funnies in this episode - "that dog ate my homework" stuff isn't going to fly with vampires!... and calling Jesus "goat killer." I can't wait to see what kind of crazy shizz Jesus' grandfather the Brujo is going bring to the party.

Loved, loved, loved every scene involving Eric. Scary Godric was an awful bad dream. I hope Beel doesn't get to the Stackhouse home in enough time to cockblock Eric from getting a piece o'Sookie. (Please, please, please let them have the Shower Scene from the books!! Doubtful, I know. I bet they're just going to have time enough to smooch, then Beel and his goons will show up.) But um, Sookie, before Beel takes Eric away, could you please ask him to change out of those horrible gym shorts? We know from last season he looks great naked. M'kay thanks.

Death Becomes Her aka Beekeeper Pam, I think you are actually warming up to King Beel. I actually liked the tough Beel I saw engaging with the 4 remaining sheriffs, including the one (Luis?) who knows the Ancient Witch inhabiting Marnie from back in the day. (And calling Google and Fox News the most powerful human institutions today was absolutely priceless!) Pam, if it were any other royal, or even Eric were you not his child, they might have given you the true death for disobeying a direct order. Beel perhaps thought having a half-rotten face for eternity was punishment enough. BUT... I can't believe Pam 'accidentally' slipped and revealed Eric's hiding place. That didn't quite feel true to the impervious Pam character who is the most ruthless and loyal person Eric knows. I think Pam knows deep down that Beel will not actually kill Eric, and that somehow having Eric in Beel's custody will give her and Eric the best fighting chance. Yes, even though Beel tried to incapacitate Eric last season with cement. Ok, so that doesn't exactly add up in a perfectly logical fashion, but let's put logic aside so they can keep telling such a good story.

My hands down surprise favorite scene though? When clean and sober Lettie Mae Thornton, I mean Mrs. Rev. Daniels, and her holy rollin' new hubby did the song and dance routine complete with a smudging ritual at Terry and Arlene's house to cleanse away "Rene's ghost!" Too funny! "You people"..."I mean people who are religious...." = brilliant! I absolutely love these wonderfully kooky side characters - Lettie Mae and Arlene are 2 of my favorites and it was great to see them in the same scene. I don't think it's Rene. I've said this before, but I think this is a riff on the recurring 'ritual can be dangerous' theme of the show, and that Arlene and Holly invited a demonic entity into the unborn Michael. And clearly this demonic entity has a fondness for playing with matches. Creepy!

Now about Jessica-Hoyt-Jason (cue New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" here). What was Jess smelling on Hoyt's right shoulder? The scent of Jason? The V-induced sex dream where suddenly Hoyt was in Jess' place was too funny. I hope Jason reveals this to Sookie so she can set Jason straight about the romantic side effect of drinking a vamp's blood.

Your thoughts?


mom2boy said...

Gators love marshmallows!

I agree that the botched abortion has more to do with all the crazy around the baby than his serial killer of sperm donor. It's a freaky good story line, though.

Poor Jason, and yet it's hard to feel too bad for him since he recovered enough from his rapes to enjoy the sex dream with his bf's gf. Yay for dream sequences!!

I think the kiss is all we get until Eric gets free from Bill. And yeah Portia - there just has to be at least one other eligible bachelor besides your great great grandfather. Good on Bill for that. Bad on Bill for still trying to kill Eric.

In Pam's defense, face rotting calls for desperate measures. When Bill fails to get the witch to confess to knowing a cure for Pam..."Fuuck." is about right.

Jac. said...

I'm a bit sad to say that I am not enjoying this season as much as I thought I would. I like strong Eric, saucy Eric, assertive Eric. I'm not feeling crying-in-bed-and-cuddle-me Eric.

And, I'm even more sad to say that I'm starting to prefer Bill since he's showing a stronger side.

I feel all confused and twisty inside. This show is starting to be very illuminating to me about the kind of guy I prefer.

Haley @ Cardigan Junkie said...

I love finding more people to speculate with about plot lines on the internet!

I think the skinwalker story that Luna told is going to become relevant since both Sam and Tommy have seen death (and caused it). I keep waiting for them to shift into someone else.

I also watched the Comic-Con trailer for the last half of the season and had to rewatch twice - this season has me hooked!

Haley @ Cardigan Junkie said...

^ Called it! :)

I am ashamed to admit that I've watched the best parts (if you know what I mean) of last night's episode a few times

hush said...

@mom2boy - "Portia - there just has to be at least one other eligible bachelor besides your great great grandfather." HA HA! and yes, for Pam "Fuuck." is about right, indeed!!

@Jac - I'm definitely feeling you on the preference for the King Bill of now and for the strong Eric from before. Very interesting how much their attitude plays a role in attraction.

@Haley- You called it!! And - "I am ashamed to admit that I've watched the best parts (if you know what I mean) of last night's episode a few times" - ME, TOO!! But I wanted more close-ups. ;)