Tuesday, July 19, 2011

True Blood recap - S4, E4

This season is getting soooo gooood!! Oh my goodness, they totally nailed it with this episode. Where do I begin??

So much Eric to lurve! Butt-slapping, nekkid Eric drunk on fairy blood, swimming in broad daylight with the delightful Old Swedish word for "crocodile." How is Sookie ever going to avoid hittin' that? A kiss would have made all of us happy.

And there was a little bit more of Alcide. Amen, Sookie, I wouldn't have wanted to look away as Alcide undressed either. Yum. The Alcide of the books never looked nearly this good in my mind. Readers of the books are probably wondering when Debbie Pelt's born again facade is going to wear down, and the She Wolf is going to come out.

And no more Hot Shot Ghost Daddy freakshow shizz! (I hope, anyway.) I wonder if Jason will fall in love with Jessica after drinking her blood - or if Jess will be tempted by him - that lovely soft focus camera angle of her face over him as she fed him certainly makes me wonder.

The coven storyline is getting really interesting. Marnie's "goddess" is an old witch spirit with a talent for throwing just the right spell book off the shelf at just the right, freaking' scary-ass moment, and was around at the time of the Inquisition, and probably holds some sort of grudge against Eric. But what she did to Pam's face? HOLY SHIT! She turned Pam into the Goldie Hawn character from Death Becomes Her. Not cool. How Pam didn't retaliate and kill every last one of them is beyond me. Seems like this season is all about playing with the various physical limitations of vampires, and giving the humans some power. I'm liking these twists.

The baby and his red marker! Wow. I'm thinking the attempted miscarriage scene with waitress Holly (?) and Arlene and the ritual in the woods last season has invited some troubled spirit into little baby Michael. One of the recurring mini-themes of the show is the power of ritual - I think there will be some Maryanne-level reactions to that ritual regarding this kid.

Now let's talk about the Compton/Bellefleur family. WHY did they have to go there? Portia, in open court, a good lawyer is never supposed to ask a question they don't already know the answer to. Did you REALLY need to follow him outside and ask Beel why he suddenly left your house, as your Grandmama went to bed suddenly not feeling well? Yes, ok, so the viewers needed it spelled out for them. Am I the only one who just felt kind of sad for Beel? It seems like he really relishes the chances to sit around with grand, elderly Bon Temps dames. The scene drew some comparisons in my mind to Beel's courtship of Sookie in Season 1, how he really sounded like an old Southerner when he talked to Sookie's Gran. I guess I'm also kind of shocked that it took him until 2011 and an encounter like this to find out who his progeny are - but hey, they're telling a good story here.

Oh, and I'm SO OVER the whole Mickens family. Ugh.

Your thoughts?


mom2boy said...

Could Jessica look more beautiful than she did in that shot? I really like her character. I'd like a her and Jason storyline but it doesn't seem likely with that whole town of panther-people after him.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen in Bon Temps. I have never seen a more tuck tail group of formerly badass vampires.

Okay, I'm ready for the next episode. Like now.

mom2boy said...

Ha - apparently the writers were tired of the Mickens family, too.

hush said...

@mom2boy - I'm loving Jessica, too.

"Ha - apparently the writers were tired of the Mickens family, too." I KNOW, right! Too funny. "Gators love marshmallows, you should know that." Oh, Sam!