Tuesday, July 5, 2011

True Blood recap - S4, E2

It's starting to get gooooood! And by that I of course mean we saw even more Eric!! I was initially bummed that Episode 2 did not pick up in Sookie's room, right where Episode 1 left off, but they got back to the Stackhouse residence soon enough. Loved the scene in the kitchen, "there are 2 Sookie Stackhouses...." and Eric's offer to make home improvements. And Eric has built himself a cubby (or "hidey hole" as the books call it) at Sookie's... almost as though Eric is anticipating spending some time there very soon (fake amnesia?... cough, cough.)

SPOILERS... duh, again.

The scene with the ritual in the coven! Oh my! That was scary and good. Tara's presence there seemed a bit of a non sequitur though - they really wanted to show her getting roughed up by a vamp against her will yet again... wonder where that will take us? Tara, Vampire Slayer? All that cage fighting in New Orleans might be the prep work. Lafayette apparently does have the magic in him - I heart him so very much. After searching a bit online, it seems the gist of what Marnie chanted in Latin to Eric was "Saves Question Omni Strepeto" or "I strip from you all that you know." Yikes. She also seemed to have stripped off half of his clothes. No complaints here.

Just a thought - perhaps unlike in the books, Eric is actually faking this bout of witch-induced amnesia?? I dunno, I just cannot see Eric being out-strategized by Beel and Nan Flanagan long term. Something tells me Eric is biding his time, and may be faking all of this to secure his place in Sookie's life, among other things.

DH made an interesting observation - slowly but surely, very few of the characters on the show are merely human anymore. In addition to all of the fairies, supposed demons, vamps, shifters, and weres, now Lafayette is a witch; Tara is still being trailed by demons/evil fae (what was up with that quick, freaky impression of evil Queen Mab Sookie saw hovering around Tara for a moment when Tara showed up at Sookie's house?); Rene and Arlene's baby Michael probably has "666" etched somewhere on his little head (I loved the scene where Arlene's eye goes wack - nice mix of funny and creepy); Jason's about to go panther (and can I just say again how much I'm hating the Hot Shot storyline)... It is starting to look a lot like Hoyt, his mama, and the Bellefleurs are the last untouched humans. Hmm....

Pam, as usual, has all the best lines. String pulling - LOL! Eric can pull my string anydamntime.

Beel, it was fun seeing you in 1982 London with That Hair. It broke my heart just a tiny little bit to watch you banging your redheaded coven spy in the bed that you and Sookie once called your own, but I get it: you were just effin' some other lady so you could protect the true identity of the woman you really love from evil Nan Flanagan! Riiiight.


mom2boy said...

Ugh to the werepanther story line. Make it go away, but leave Jason please.

Am I the only one that thought Bill was soooo incredibly awkward in the 80's scene? It was so bad I then thought maybe it was deliberate. I'm not Bill's biggest fan, though, so maybe it's just me.

Pam is bad ass. I LOVE her.

I like nice Sam, not angry Sam. I hope nice Sam sticks around for a while.

Oh, and here's my six degrees of separation moment. My friend's brother's song was playing in the truck when Jessica made the turn to go to Fangtasia.

Jac. said...

I loved Bill in the London scene. I wondered if they scripted that so that SteMo could use his real accent.

As a fan of the books, I'm really happy with the way they are switching up the story so it's still interesting to watch. I'm a bit disappointed that they killed off Queen Sophie-Ann so early because I really enjoyed the way that Evan Rachel Wood was playing her.

I'm not enjoying the Hot Shot storyline either. I didn't like it in the books and during the show I just want them to skip ahead to the good parts (i.e. the Eric scenes).

I've actually felt like the Tara storylines have been consistently disappointing. She's such a beautiful girl (I find her really fascinating to look at) and I feel like more could be done with her (although, I don't know what) but I agree that her storylines are all one note and I'm bored with it.

I LOVE the Jessica/Hoyt storyline tho! She manages to hit exactly the tone that I would expect from a teenager and she consistently cracks me up.

More Eric! More Eric!!

hush said...

@mom2boy - I love your 6 degrees of separation moment!

@Jac - Amen on the too-early killing off of Queen S-A. "More Eric! More Eric!" Less Werepanther!

I haven't finished watching Ep 3 yet (and it is killing me!), but will post a recap once I get that opportunity.

Bluebird Mama said...

Can I just say I am in agony because I can't watch these episodes until my friend with a Tivo burns cds for me. (Where I live I can't get HBO and the sadists at HBO won't make episodes available for purchase/download in a timely manner! GRRR).

It's *killing* me not to be up to date on the season. But can I just say anyway, I am *so* over Bill. Already last season, everytime he came on screen I was just like, "Ugh, waaah waaah. Go away, so I can see Eric again."

And yes, Pam rules. Badass, indeed.

hush said...

I have a friend abroad in your exact HBO-less situation - it is agony! Hope these recaps don't spoil anything for you!