Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Underage Drinking

My 3.5-year-old son recently participated in a weeklong Soccer Camp. We were just extremely thrilled that after having handed over our hard-earned money, our kid actually participated in the camp, instead of sulking and tantruming on the sidelines as he has done during other organized sport activities in the past. Though he still wouldn't wear the shinguards we bought for the occasion, he proudly wore the camp soccer jersey. The pictures are seriously too cute for words. There is something so hilarious and precious about a preschooler in a soccer uniform. I think of the little kid Max from "Old School" who is wearing an orange jersey in every scene of the movie.

During a break after one of the activities, the coach asked the kids if they wanted to drink. DS replied loudly enough for everyone and their parents to hear: "I want a beer." Priceless.

In DD news, after 2 weeks, she is daytime potty-trained for urination - that is, as long as she is naked underneath her dress or long shirt. Yes, I put my daughter in dresses, though in general I try not to be a sexist. What can I say, the dresses make the nudity required for potty-training a bit more socially-acceptable. No need to quickly put a diaper on her when the repairperson comes over.

In other news, I ran my ass off the last 4 days. Something finally clicked. Maybe it was the fact that I had all of the workout clothes and shoes I needed sitting right by my bed when my alarm woke me up early to exercise. How have your runs and workouts been going?

One more thing.... TRUE BLOOD returns this Sunday. And to me, that feels like Xmastime. I thoroughly enjoyed the delicious HBO series "Game of Thrones" Season 1 that just ended, though that genre usually never appeals to me, this one did.


Jac. said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE little kids playing soccer. When I was pregnant with DS that is the image I had in my head of my little unknown boy.

Love the "I want a beer". DS has been known to ask for 'white coke' which gets a lot of question marks - that's what we call sparkling water, which he gets as a special treat if we are out.

Yay for DD and potty training! And for you recognizing all the signs and going with her interest. Sometimes I think that when we try so hard not to 'pressure' our kids, we can overlook legitimate interest when it is there.

I haven't been running. DH is away (again) so I can't leave the kids. It's a problem.

Can't WAIT for True Blood. I also loved Game of Thrones. I've read all the books (they are awesome, juicy, meaty reads) and I've just been re-reading them because the next one comes out next month. It's not usually my genre either - but I am totally hooked.

caramama said...

Love the beer comment! And soooo cute that he went to soccer camp!

Dresses make a lot of things easier, at all ages for us women. I think it's a shame that it's not socially acceptable for boys (and men!) to wear them! And yeah for potty training going well!

Also, way to go you, with the running!

As for Game of Thrones... that is right up my alley, and I loved the first book. But... I get so invested in books and certain stories, and that book was one that I got really invested into, and then things happened that left me devastated. And then it left on a big cliff-hanger, with no satisfying resolution before the next 800+ page book. I just had to let it go and not invest any more. I'm assuming it'll have to be the same with the show. But I'm glad everyone seems to be raving about it.

Melba said...

I have got to start watching True Blood. It seems like something I'd like, but I didn't watch, and now I'm behind. Maybe I'll by the past seasons and try to catch up.

And as for the dresses - this was key to Rosie's potty training. I had to play a tough line and take away the pull-ups, and she had an irrational fear of panties, so... commando it was for at least a week, under dresses. We went out that way. Life doesn't stop because your kid has a panty phobia and you are too stubborn to cave in and let her have a pull-up. Dresses were a life saver!

paola said...

Too cute that beer comment.

I am not a dress person and as a result neither is Zoe. BUT, I did find a hand-me-down dress in Zoe's drawer yesterday as I was packing for our beach holiday, and popped it in the suitcase. Time I encouraged some femininity in my girl.

Great news on the running. I did a 22 Km run this morning and at around 18 K I was telling myself ' there is no way I'm going to finish the marathon. Why am I tortuting myself?'. Now as I sit down ( alone, kids are at kinder), having scoffed a plate of pasta and some prosciutto and cheese, I am planning my next long run and the route I will take, my outlook is positve. I am exhausted, but my body doesn't ache. My knees don't creak and the pain has gone. Next long run in 2 weeks. Bring on the 26!

mom2boy said...

My super exercisy friend took me on a brisk walk to get me out from under the covers. I must say I felt better after.

Kids really do say the darndest things, don't they? :)

Little kids playing soccer has got to be one of the cutest things ever. I'm glad Tate played recently even if the end result was that he decided he wants to, in the future, only play sports sitting down... (non exercisy apple doesn't fall far from the tree I fear)

True Blood!!! (I'm all caught up - yay!)

Zenmoo said...

I've given myself the mornings off excersize this Mon-Fri. Too tired! I've got a cardio pilates class on Saturday morning & just played touch rugby (I scored on the final siren!!) & have done lots of walking, so I'm calling that enough.

I love the beer comment too. I'm quite looking forward to becoming a soccer mom - it's the only sport I've played enough to feel I could coach a kids team.

And dresses! I love them (for me and for Moo) - but I need to get some baby legwarmers or stockings so Moo can wear them in winter.

Got It, Ma! said...

I gave up my pilates class which I had been doing twice a week for 2.5 years recently. It was just too hard to get there with 2 kids and a traveling husband. But I replaced it with running 3 miles 3 times a week on the elliptical trainer in the basement (winters are long here and country roads have barely any shoulder at the best of times). It has been fabulous and I still sneak in some pilates at the end of my runs. It has been a good change for me and I feel like my work outs are more productive. I think sometimes it's good to shake things up. Add a class, drop a class, whatever. Just change things up.

Being able to wear dresses in the heat of summer is one of the greatest perks of being female. I alway feel bad for my husband and son when my daughter and I are running around in stappy dresses that hardly touch our skin. So cool! And ease of potty training is a big perk, too.

Haven't gotten into True Blood, but lately I've been loving Justified with Timothy Oliphant and Luther with Idris Elba. Worth a try.

But don't get me started on soccer. I'm currently irked because our town has started separate soccer programs for girls and boys starting in 1st grade! I ask you, why shouldn't they play together as long as they can??

Cloud said...

I agree with Got It, Ma- dresses and skirts are a perk of being female, not a symbol of oppression! Sooo much nicer in a hot climate, particularly if you're supposed to be "dressed up". Unless some jerk tells me I should wear pantyhose.

Love the beer comment! It is "daddy juice" in our house....

I've been sick, so no exercise here.

caramama said...

Way to go, paola! I'm really impressed!