Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick Days

I always knew it was going to happen eventually, and finally it did: both of my children, DH and I have been disgustingly sick with some very strange, no good very bad virus for the past 48 hours... all of us have had some form of lower GI issues. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say someone in my family was very, very confused when he sat on the toilet to defecate and it came out sounding like urination.

DD seems to have the worst of it and is still not out of the woods yet. I just got back from a 9pm trip to the store to pick up some pediatric electrolytes and BRAT diet items (BRAT = bananas, rice, applesauce, toast for the uninitiated). My illness was over in a matter of hours but involved me sprawled out in the tub crying for mercy for the better part of the evening. DH hardly had anything at all - DS got over his bout quickly, and decided he doesn't like vomiting.

I'm so tired of scrubbing toilets, and doing laundry, and wiping the floors, and wondering if my house smells as bad as I think it does. I've missed work, and then our poor babysitter also contracted it, so I've been alone with the kids all day. Yelly Mama made a brief appearance, but DS quickly put me in my place with this direct quote: "Mama, be nice or Daddy won't want to marry you or kiss you." I know, I know, everyone thinks their kid is a little genius in some way shape or form - and we're all correct!


paola said...

YOur son is a genius! And where did he hear that from? Any English that comes out of my kids' mouths I know for a fact comes from me ( the good and the bad) or via one of their DVDs. The other day when I wasn't well Noah kept on saying, with the right intonation and all, 'Mum, just go to bed and rest!' He sounded so worldly for a 6 year old. I wish it had been that easy to do.

Jac said...

"Someone in my family was very, very confused...." Bwhahaha! Kinda funny how EVERYTHING is a learning experience for kids. At least, I hope the confused someone is a kid! Trying to parent sick kids when you are sick yourself is the WORST. That is when the reality of being a parent hits me the most - like, who is going to take care of me?

Melba said...

I'm having a sick day today too. Well, I'm not sick, but Annie is, so I'm at home with her. Rosie went to daycare. Since bedtime last night she's had diarrhea 6 times and barfed twice. Gross.

I sure hope Annie's the only one that gets this and the rest of us are spared!

Oh, and I totally remember Rosie's confusion over the same thing. What's happening Mommy!!!!

mom2boy said...

Tummy bugs suuuuuuuuuck. No one who feels so bad should have to clean up crap, too. :) Glad most of you are feeling better. Hope your little girl is feeling better soon, too.

Out of the mouth of babes. :) Love it.

hush said...

@Paola - I love what your son said!! ;) Hope they catch your car burglar bastard soon.

@Jac - Amen on that being the worst moment/ when reality hits hard. Yes, the confused someone was my son. LOL!

@Melba - Get well soon, Annie! And LOL about Rosie having the same confusion as my DS did.

@mom2boy - "Out of the mouth of babes" totally. Humbling and true, and one this mama won't soon forget.

Zenmoo said...

Urgggh. We've had a run (pardon the pun) of a couple of vomiting and runny bum illnesses at our house. I am unsure if one was related to over consumption of bananas, but really, I think daycare is the more likely culprit.

Anyway, my child may not be a genius - but she is considerate. During the first illness she threw up very neatly into the tray on her high chair - she filled it but spilled not a drop over the edge! and I managed to flush it without spillage too. I was so proud...

Jac said...

@Zenmoo - the first time my son every vomited (for real - not spit up), I caught the entire mess in my hands and managed to deposit it in the sink without spilling a drop. I was SO proud of myself :)