Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meme Whilst I Avoid Focusing on Sad World Events

Slow news day around here. Actually, that's not true. I could talk about the events unfolding in Japan, but it is too close and too ouchy for me. I used to live in rural Kyushu when I worked on the JET Programme. The people were so generous and lovely. Others have said everything I wanted to say much more eloquently than I could have.

Well, I should say Happy St. Pat's to my fellow partial or 100% Micks out there in the world. Good news is that DD finally seems to be feeling better: the unflavored, clear pediatric electrolyte fluid we put in her nighttime bottle (which is usually filled with plain water) seems to have helped her to feel better. DS has been watching the new "Star Trek" movie this morning - in Spanish with English subtitles, thanks to NK's excellent suggestion in my comments section awhile back, for getting kids to want to speak in a different language. DS has been speaking a lot more Spanish since we started doing that, so thanks again, NK! (She writes a very impressive home reno/style/design blog, and inspires awe in me by posting frequently and with cool pictures!)

One of the things I see bloggers do when they're having trouble coming up with a post topic and/or are avoiding world news is to do one of those memes (is that the right word?) - like the "ABC's of me" meme I've seen around lately.

Age: 34.
Bra size: 39.5 DD+. Yes, I'm afraid I have National Geographic boobs that are not a standard size. They look much better secured in a correctly-fitted, albeit Granny-style, uber-supportive bra. I'm proactive about getting new ones at least 3 times a year with the help of kind, department store salespeople.
Chore you hate: All of them! Especially folding and putting away laundry, and dusting.
Dogs: Three. I am a "crazy dog lady" who thinks of them as her quasi-children, but who happen to actually hear what I have to say. We even let our oldest dog sleep in our bed.
Etiquette Rule you always obey: Handwritten thank-you notes, promptly mailed.
Favorite color: Turquoise and Kelly Green. And occasionally Reddish Orange and Fuschia. I'm known locally for my colorful dressing.
Gold or silver: Silver.
Height: 5' 8".
Instruments that you can play: The skin flute...
Just one item you'd grab from burning house: Old family photos. I should really look into scanning them and backing them up electronically.
Kids: A 3-year-old son, and a 17-month old daughter. (And the dogs.)
Live: A small town in the rural, inland Pacific Northwest US
Movie last seen in theater: "The Adjustment Bureau" - great movie, loved John Slattery from 'Mad Men,' makes me want to read some Philip K. Dick. Although I wish the ending had been a little darker, and more European cinema instead of Hollywood-ish.
Novel you're reading: "The Lacuna" by Barbara Kingsolver, for book club - not far enough into it to have formed an impression yet.
Overnight hospital stays: One - unnecessary, but mandatory after the birth of my first child if I wanted my insurance to cover the bill. With my second child I went home by choice on the same day a few hours later.
Pet peeve: Using a handheld mobile phone to talk or text while driving - you people are crazy! "All Snake" claims adjusters who don't respond to emails and phone calls.
Quote from a movie: Anything from "My Blue Heaven" which DH and I quote pretty frequently and can relate to our own lives as big city people living in Podunkille, like "You could melt all of this stuff." - Vinny as Todd Wilkinson
Regret: Not sticking up for myself better when I was once accused of stealing someone's gym bag.
Simple pleasure: Clean bedsheets fresh out of the dryer (that someone else washed for me.)
Time you wake up: 7:15am if I'm lucky - that's life as a mother of 2 small children!
Underrated TV show: "Justified" on FX starring Timothy Olyphant. Extremely violent, but excellent.
Vegetables you dislike: Cauliflower.
What makes you run late: My son tantruming/refusing to keep his carseat buckled properly.
X-rays: I had one when I lost the very tip of one of my fingers under the hood of a car in 1991 - it was actually a painless experience, and unless I keep my fingernail too short, the injury is not at all visible today.
Yummy food you love: Chicago-style pizza, New York-style pizza, Korean BBQ, all Indian food, Sabra hummus from the grocery store... I could go on and on.
Zodiac sign: Scorpio (and the description fits me perfectly, unfortunately!)

You're all tagged if you want to be - to answer any or all of these for yourself - feel free to leave it in the comments


Jac said...

Age: 31
Bra Size - 36C (but they'll deflate as soon as I stop BF'ing)
Chore I hate: Putting the duvet cover on the duvet - I'm too short to shake effectively
Dogs: None, but I love Scotties and that's what I will get if we ever get a dog
Ettiquette Rule: Please, thank you, and excuse me
Favorite Colour: Burgundy/Maroon
Gold or Silver: White Gold
Height: 5'3
Instrument: Skin Flute? hahahaha! I suck, even at that one (no pun intended)
Item from Burning House: Wallet and keys - they're attached so they count as one.
Kids: 3.5 (today!) DS and 4 month old DD
Live: Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Movie Last Seen in Theatre: The King's Speech. Loved it!
Novel You're Reading: Something trashy by Penny Vincenzi. 4 Months Postpartum - trash is all I can handle
Overnight Hospital Stay: both of my kids
Pet Peeve: people lined up at busy fast food restaurants who can't bother to read the menu during the 10 minute line up and then get to the till to place their order, and spend another 5 minutes trying to decide what they want
Quote from a movie: "You've Got Mail" is our "My Blue Heaven". Too many great lines to quote.
Regret: Not travelling more pre-kids
Simple pleasure: After kids are in bed, a cup of tea, a plate of cookies, and the remote control
Time I wake: if I'm lucky - 7 am which is when DS's Good Nite Light turns on and he comes barreling into the bedroom
Underrated TV Show: Friday Night Lights. It's not a show about football. It's not!
Vegetables you dislike: Zucchini and Eggplant. Blech.
What makes you run late: I am never late. I suffer from early-itis.
X-rays: I broke my shoulder skiing many years ago. I was in a 1/2 body cast for 6 weeks
Yummy Food: DH's home cooking. Seriously. I am the luckiest woman.
Zodiac: Also Scorpio (and the description fits me too - no wonder we are Dopplegangers!)

NK said...

Age: 27
Bra Size - 32B
Chore I hate: Dusting, it just settles right back down!
Dogs: no, but one cat who thinks he's a dog
Ettiquette Rule: Please, thank you, and excuse me, oh, and I expect men (at least my hubby) to hold the door open for me
Favorite Colour: Gray
Gold or Silver: White Gold, Pink Gold, Silver. I guess I like them all!!! Just not the yellow fake-ish kind. I guess that's growing up in Easter Europe for you. All gold is Pink or almost Red there.
Height: 5' nothing
Instrument: piano, years and years ago. It is my dream to get back into it!
Item from Burning House: other than my kid/cat? My jewelry, so much of it is sentimental and reminds me of people and places were I got it from.
Kids: DD 20.5 months to be exact :)
Live: Ottawa, Canada
Movie Last Seen in Theatre: it has been years and years. by choice, this one is totally not the kid's fault. Just don't enjoy it anymore.
Novel You're Reading: does IT Requests for Proposals count as reading??
Overnight Hospital Stay: Baby C, 2 nights, she was borderline jaundiced.
Pet Peeve: people who are envious but still want to be friends. Get a life, stop comparing yourself to other ppl.
Quote from a movie: Every line from Friends. Hubby needed to practice his spoken English when he first moved here. We have watched all 10 seasons at least 100 times and know every line by heart.
Regret: not being more wise about boys when I was younger.
Simple pleasure: a kid that falls asleep before 9pm
Time I wake: 6am for my full time job, at least I get to go home around 3pm :)
Underrated TV Show: don't have cable, but love both House and Gossip Girl :)
Vegetables you dislike: can't think of one. since i figured out that 75% of my diet must be veggie in order to not feel like a bloated balloon every single walking moment, I love them all because they don't make me sick
What makes you run late: I suffer from early-itis too. I have to make a conscious effort to be at least 5 minutes late. Some ppl apologize for being late, I apologize for being early!
X-rays: none
Yummy Food: such a tossup between yummy and healthy. right now everything is measured in what makes me sick and bloated and what doesn't, taste comes in after that. BUt honestly? I make the BEST cake. MaDE, made made made, past tense.
Zodiac: Sagittarius.

the milliner said...

Well, you know, I can't resist a questionnaire, so here goes... (And glad to hear your DD is feeling better. Whole family sickness truly sucks).

Age: 40
Bra Size - 36C
Chore I hate: Changing the cat litter. I swear this is our last cat. But he's only 5, so it's likely I'll be changing cat litter for the next 12 years or so. DH is - get this - exempt from changing the litter for medical reasons.
Dogs: Boxer named Daisy (Daisy Adair after the Dead Like Me character)
Ettiquette Rule: Please, thank you, and excuse me
Favorite Colour: Green
Gold or Silver: Silver
Height: 5'4"
Instrument: What is a skin flute? Is it a recorder? So, um, recorder, clarinet and guitar
Item from Burning House: Pets
Kids: DS 2.75
Live: Montreal, QC, Canada
Movie Last Seen in Theatre: Up in the Air. Lame (so long ago), I know, but at least we're renting movies now!
Novel You're Reading: Just finished reading 'Killing Yourself to Live' by Chuck Klosterman and 'Medium Raw' by Anthony Bourdain
Overnight Hospital Stay: birth of DS.
Pet Peeve: Seeing dirty dishes placed on the counter RIGHT after I've finished cleaning it.
Quote from a movie: Um, it's been too long...I can't remember! Crazy since I worked in a movie theatre as a teen, so you'd think I'd have something.
Regret: Not making more use of my free time before I had a kid.
Simple pleasure: Eucalyptus oil in the shower so it smells like the spa.
Time I wake: anywhere between 5-7:15 am. I'm just happy to have 7-8 hrs in a row now.
Underrated TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Seriously. Best. Show. Ever.
Vegetables you dislike: I love veggies, but I don't really love bamboo shoots.
What makes you run late: Unlike Jac, I don't suffer from early-itis. The current thing that makes me late is taking advantage of DS sleeping through and sleeping in (so I sleep in), or DS poohing after we've got his winter gear on to leave.
X-rays: Um, only for cavities. Oh, and I guess when I was a kid and my bro accidentally hit me in the arm with a baseball bat.
Yummy Food: DH's home cooking too. The thing I always ask him to make for special occasions is 'Peas & Carrots': lobster crèpes with carrot sauce that has waaaaay too much butter and pea shoots. Yum. Oh, and raspberries. I love raspberries.
Zodiac: Taurus

NK said...

you're so sweet for mentioning me. glad the movies are working :)

Cloud said...

OK, I'm too lazy to fill it out myself, but I enjoyed reading yours!

Most movies based on Philip K Dick books/stories aren't really a good flavor of what the stories/books are like, but I've read several and enjoyed them. So go for it!

Glad everyone is better.

paola said...

Age: 44 in a month (pretty typical Aries)
Movie last seen: last night we saw the Argentinian film El Secreto De Susu Ojos which was fantastic!
Live: relatively small town just outsdie Milan Italy
Kids: Lively 6 and 4 y.o
Novel: just finishd EdieWyld's After the Fire; A Still Small voice: beutiful and in many ways poignant
Overnight stsy : 3 nights in hospital are obligatory after a natural birth here. 5 after a C-section. So 2 times 3.
Yummy food: Korean BBQ yes! and most of what my MIL cooks.

Oh and keep the DVDs in Spanish up. A suggestion: vary the accents if you can (Castillian Spanish, Argentinian etc) as there is an enormous difference in pronunciation between Spanish speakers. That way DS will be able to understand 'all ' Spanish speakers and not just Dora the Explorer(or your nanny).

mom2boy said...

Age: 35
Bra size: 34 B
Chore you hate: Scrubbing the tubs.
Dogs: Love them. Miss my dog from college something fierce. Can't be responsible for one more living thing right now. :(
Etiquette Rule you always obey: Please and Thank you
Favorite color: Black
Gold or silver: Silver.
Height: 5' 3"
Instruments that you can play: zero
Kids: A 3-year-old son
Live: Southeatern City - in the city proper not a suburb thankyouverymuch.
Movie last seen in theater: Gnomeo and Juliet
Novel you're reading: Just downloaded Be free Where You Are (zen meditations) and The Informationist a fiction book
Overnight hospital stays: One when Tate was born.
Pet peeve: slow drivers in the left hand lane
Quote from a movie: You like Apples? I got her number, how you like those apples? (Good Will Hunting) or I haven't been fucked like that since grade school (Fight Club)
Regret: Not figuring out how to breast feed.
Simple pleasure: Hot showers
Time you wake up: 6:30 on average
Underrated TV show: Don't watch enough tv these days to know
Vegetables you dislike: Mushrooms
What makes you run late: My son tantruming or saying please play with me mommy. I'd rather just be late some days.
X-rays: none
Yummy food you love: I could live on baby cut carrots and ranch dip. I should get out more I know.
Zodiac sign: Capricorn

blue said...

Age: 36
Bra size: 36 G. Yes, I was finally measured and fitted a year ago. It's awful, but at least my bras now fit and support me as best as possible.
Chore you hate: vacuuming the stairs. Folding clothes
Dogs: One
Etiquette Rule you always obey: Apologize when necessary.
Favorite color: Duh, Blue! And Brown.
Gold or silver: Silver.
Height: 5' 8.5"
Instruments that you can play: guitar. Hush, skin flute!? HA!
Just one item you'd grab from burning house: my computer
Kids: DD, almost 7; DS 2.5
Live: Rural New England
Movie last seen in theater: I Am Love (it's been a while)
Novel you're reading: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, finally.
Overnight hospital stays: 2 nights for each baby.
Pet peeve: Things tied to other things with string by my daughter (like stuffed toys "leashed" to dining room chairs with KNOTS that no one can untie).
Quote from a movie: Willoughby!
Regret: Not being a better listener earlier in life.
Simple Pleasure: Waking up to a fully loaded and ready to go coffee maker.
Time you wake up: 6:30
Underrated TV show: No TV
Vegetables you dislike: eggplant
What makes you run late: My daughter taking her sweet time and me getting up too late
X-rays: chest for presumed pneumonia.
Yummy food you love: Thai, Indian, Lebanese, I love food...
Zodiac sign: Aquarius. So, Aquarius...

Zenmoo said...

Age: 33
Bra Size - 32C
Dogs: A blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Ettiquette Rule: Please, thank you, and excuse me
Favorite Colour: to wear blue, around me, orange
Gold or Silver: Gold
Height: 5'1
Instrument: saxaphone, when I was at school. Now, I play a mean kiddy piano.
Item from Burning House: My dog and a marmalade pot that belonged to my grandmother
Kids: 1 daughter, a terror at 14 months
Live: Perth, Australia
Movie Last Seen in Theatre: The King's Speech. Loved it!
Novel You're Reading: between books, currently reading Lonely Planet Bali in prep for our holiday next month.
Overnight Hospital Stay: the baby and for some ear/adenoids/pneumonia issues between ages 7 & 10.
Pet Peeve: people who don't let ignorance get in the way of having an opinion.
Quote from a movie: I'm really bad at watching or remembering movies
Regret: not a regret exactly, but I do wonder what my life would have been like if I'd gone to college in the US (I had a partial scholarsip from Smith in MA), instead of coming back to Australia.
Simple pleasure: A glass of cold milk.
Time I wake: between 6 and 7.
Underrated TV Show: am currently in love with the BBC's doco series 'Coast' - it's hosted by a hot, Scottish geography nerd.
Vegetables you dislike: not strictly a vegetable, but I don't like mushrooms much.
What makes you run late: my husband.
X-rays: None.
Yummy Food: Roti Canai and laksa.
Zodiac: Leo

hush said...

Your responses were all really delightful and so fun to read!

@Jac - Your Simple pleasure is EXACTLY what I need! I will have to give Fri Night Lights a look.

@NK - "Just not the yellow fake-ish kind. I guess that's growing up in Easter Europe for you. All gold is Pink or almost Red there." I think I know what you mean!

@the milliner - DH totally adored 'Medium Raw' by Anthony Bourdain. Your DH's "peas & carrots" sounds to.die.for!!

@Cloud - Adding some Philip K. Dick to my list - which means it will probably get read in like 5-10 years at the rate I'm going.

@Paola - Dying to see "El Secreto De Susu Ojos"... and I'm sooo craving some Korean BBQ right now!

@mom2boy - "I haven't been fucked like that since grade school (Fight Club)" I literally LOLled just re-typing that hilarious line. Thank you for that!

@blue - I hear you on needing the properly-fitting bra. Are you enjoying "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"? Did anyone warn you about its graphic depictions of rape and torture? I couldn't stomach it.

@Zenmoo - "Now, I play a mean kiddy piano." LOL! bet Lonely Planet Bali won't disappoint - love those LP travel guides!