Monday, June 25, 2012

True Blood S5:E3 recap

I stand corrected. This season doesn't suck quite as much as I had previously thought.

{SPOILERS, duh}.


The good smelling man with 16 sisters was totally Claude. How do I know? I've read all the books. The end credits told me so. One problem though: he's not nearly good looking enough to be Claude (of the books anyway). Is there really a shortage of male models who want to act? Come on, people!

Are these fairies going to come back for Andy Bellefleur? Remember the pretty brunette fairy he had sex with in the woods a while back? I think Holly's Halloween costume fairy wings that we're still seeing in this season are a bit of foreshadowing. Hmm...

We've learned Jason has a hole in his soul that only sex can fill... because his high school teacher banged him, and after a quickie reunion with her he has just found out he does not like it, and it was wrong. I mean, clearly, Jason's got some fae blood attraction thing going on that makes everyone want to drop trou around him.

Jessica is a cool chick. Way to have Jason's back with that saleslady in the dressing room, and to set aside her raging vamp libido to be a real friend.

Loved the story of Pam's making. It makes her insecurities about Eric much more understandable, given she basically forced him into this eternal relationship and didn't wait to see if he were truly willing. Kind of like the vampire equivalent of a fake pregnancy in the 1950s.

I enjoyed Lorena's cameo, with Out-of-control Young Vampire Beel. Dead, mutilated prostitutes explained. How did I not see that coming? And Human Pam even asked to be paid back. Badass.

The Authority. Did anyone else think S&M when they hooked Beel and Eric up to those strappy black insta-stakers?

She's THAT Salome. Oh. She uses her sexual prowess to figure out vampires' true motivations. And it supposedly works? Does this mean Beel loves Sookie and Eric just loves himself? Also, I don't think Nora made a true confession, I think she was trying to protect Eric.

"The New Nan Flanagan" was funny.

Tara turning to Sam in her time of need was interesting. When Sookie confronted him my first thought was, why would anyone try to lie to a known mindreader? I think Sam was right - Sookie and Lafayette's decision to turn her makes total sense. They bought her some more time to settle her affairs and to actually choose her destiny. So I don't understand her crazed anger. And I think Tara is actually smarter than the way she's being portrayed. A tanning bed? You'd think Tara would know by now how to actually kill a vampire in a surefire way: beheading or staking. Duh.

Where's Jesus? Lafayette's reflection in the kitchen at Merlotte's and the bizarre bleach in the gumbo incident suggest that Jesus is still here, along with the dark brujo magic.

Sookie finally has Real People troubles. Lafayette was right: she should have just called the police (because she's white, after all.) Seeing Debbie Pelt's parents searching for answers strangely put me on their side. Alcide was understandably pissed. Of course he's not going to tell anyone, he seems pretty dog loyal. ;)

Your thoughts?


Jac. said...

Claude was completely underwhelming. Maybe I've seen one too many Magic Mike trailers, but I was kinda picturing more of a Channing Tatum kinda guy.

Jessica is an extremely cool chick.

The "New Nan Flanagan" was really funny. That's turning out to be my favourite twists this season - I'm so happy they found a way to bring the good Reverend back and to make him a vampire and gay is just too good.

Best moment of the show was Bill informing Eric that he'd had Bill's 'sloppy seconds'.

Although this episode had some great moments, I don't feel like things really move along in any direction. Also, I'm starting to miss the Bill, Eric, Sookie tension/triangle.

hush said...

@Jac - "Maybe I've seen one too many Magic Mike trailers, but I was kinda picturing more of a Channing Tatum kinda guy." YES, AMEN sister!

"Sloppy seconds" lol. I'm enjoying the unexpected Eric/Beel odd couple/bromance.

You nailed what's missing - the love triangle, and more of Sookie and Beel having wild sex.

Haley said...

"Kind of like the vampire equivalent of a fake pregnancy in the 1950s." - so true!

I've missed your recaps. That reminds me I need to do mine this week for my Twitter peeps. :)

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

watched this one last In every episode I think how stupid they write Sookie (confessing??? SERIOUSLY?? Jason is the smart one in this scenario??). I think perhaps I am just anti-Anna Paquin.

I was, however, completely taken by
Salome's bedroom--she has the red colorway chiang mai dragon wallpaper!!! Although only on one wall. I guess its an expensive wallpaper even for rich vampires.

I sound even more vapid than Sookie, don't I.

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

Also, Beel looks so dainty and petite next yummy Eric.

hush said...

@Lisa - I love that you noticed the Chiang Mai Dragon (not my favorite colorway but I digress)! The decor at Authority HQ is interesting. I'm not a fan of the white ceramic dish on the main conference room table, it looks very out of place, like vamps are going to put fruit in it? I would like it in my home though! My favorite decor in TB is Beel's home - I'd live there!