Wednesday, June 20, 2012

True Blood S5:E1&2 recap

Season 5 of True Blood is already two episodes in, and I almost did not do a recap. Truth be told, I think this season sucks. (But of course I'll keep watching.)

And it so very badly pains me to say that. I want to love this show that has been near and dear to my heart since 2008.

Right now, I'm just not feeling it.

Don't get me wrong. There are a couple of things I'm really digging, namely {SPOILERS} - all things Pam, Terry Bellefleur's fiery Iraq backstory, and Disgusting Russell Edgington making a comeback. That's about it though.

I could say a lot about what is So Very Wrong this season, but I think I'll be brief:

1) Vampire Tara = hell to the no. As she trashed Sookie's home and perched maniacally on the kitchen sink, I thought to myself, well is she or isn't she "fucktarded"? And I still don't have the answer to that question, even though I should. Ugh.

2) Jason Stackhouse keeping it in his pants/trying to develop a conscience. Um, no.

3) Eric banging his "sister." Eew. And they have absolutely no chemistry. Yep, I said it.

4) The Authority/Lilith-worship/there's even a vampire Bible - wait, who cares? They finally drew the curtains back and are showing us The Authority they've been mentioning for the last several seasons. Not impressed. Not scary. Seems like a missed opportunity.

5) Hoyt. Nobody believes you're really that pissed off.

6) Alcide. That scene in Sookie's kitchen was weird. I'm having a very hard time seeing him as a potential Sookie love interest. And the fact that Sookie was about to confess to killing Debbie until Lafayette suddenly ran downstairs and shut her up? No. Just no.

What are your thoughts on Season 5 so far?


Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

To be honest, the books are SO MUCH BETTER. I think that it works as an ensemble show, but Anna Paquin just comes off as stooopid. The writing is terrible. The vampires are campy. Yet I watch anyways.

The thing that bugs me most is that the writers are staying true to the major story arcs, but totally screwing with the details. Tara is not a vampire in the book. Jason does become a werepanther in the books, and is involved with Crystal, and its a major storyline a few books down the road, but...instead they are turning Tara into a vampire. Claudine the Fairy is drained by Eric in season four, but she's a pretty major recurring character and her death 6 books later sets up the plot for the next book....but oh wait, she's dead, guess they won't be doing that story? Why? Why? Why do the writers just abandon the storylines???

I could be persuaded not to watch the show. I just really like Beeel. And while Alcide's dialogue is terrible, Joe Manganiello running around nekkid on a weekly basis is a good thing. (This makes me a very shallow person, I know.)

hush said...

@Lisa F - Until recently, I've enjoyed the books and the show about equally. I like how they are not duplicates unlike, say "Game of Thrones," where if you've read the books the show won't be too much of a surprise.

That being said, I've just finished "Deadlocked" and at this moment in time I think the books are better than the show. (I hated last year's book though - especially where CH expected her readers to believe that Gran can't spell the word "children" correctly - ugh!) And for me, the two different portrayals of Eric are a big reason for that. Eric in the books is generally nuanced and amazing, and so very fun to fantasize about (as my DH can probably attest based on my increased libido after reading the books, hmm....). But on screen, Alexander S just does not have that raw chemistry and charisma whenever we see him doing the deed. I enjoy him most when he is teasing, and is about 10 inches away from Sookie (like that scene from seasons past on her porch right before a werewolf tries to kill Sookie where he's teasing her about marrying Beel) Watching him get it on with Nora made me finally realize he does not look all that good french kissing anyone. Know what I mean, or is that just me?

I'm totally with you on the Joe Manganiello lurve despite crappy dialogue that calls for silly growling - can't wait to see him in "Magic Mike."

hush said...

Sorry I meant "@Lisa Trapped in North Jersey" (damn you, autocorrect!)

mom2boy said...

Someone asked me how I liked this season and all I could come up with was, well, it's silly. Not what trueblood should be aiming for in a summary. I still love layfayette and if he'd killed Tara I'd say the show might have gotten its original spunk back. Alas, he did not. I like Mr. Authority - I forget his real or character name (the guy from Law and Order SVU) but overall there's just nothing particularly sexy or scary about this season.

Jac. said...

For the first time ever, Hush, we depart on opinions.

I'm really enjoying this season. One of the things I am NOT liking is the Terry/Iraq story. Couldn't care less. I watch this show for the vampires and pretty much just want every episode devoted to vampire stuff.

I am loving the idea of Tara as a vampire and can't wait to see more.

I am also loving getting the backstory of the vampires with the Lilith/bible stuff.

Eric' sex with his sister was blah, but am so happy we have cheeky Eric back instead of the puppy dog Eric of last season.

I love Pam. I love Lafayette.

hush said...

@mom2boy - Lafayette staking Tara would have been a fascinating plot point, but I can't see the writers killing Tara off (I mean 'giving her the true death,' lol.) Rumor has it though that someone major is getting killed off this season. Hmm...

Also I couldn't see Lafayette actually killing himself with Sookie's pink stick razor in her tub nor killing anyone else for that matter after the whole Jesus tragedy. BTW, where's Jesus's corpse? That actually does interest me.

BTW, Mr. Authority's name is Roman Zimojic (played by Christopher Meloni) - and he's supposedly a real favorite of critics. I guess I need to see more. ;)

@Jac - The thing is I want to feel the way you do, and normally I'm all about the vampers, too. But something is holding me back. Cheeky Eric is so much better than R'tard/Puppy Dog Eric. I guess Pam's right about the powers of magical fairy snatch and stupid names.

I'm irrationally in love with a few characters: Pam & Lafayette (seems like everyone loves them), but I also really dig Arlene, Lettie Mae Thornton (please give her some screen time this season), Terry, and Russell Edgington - a villain I really enjoy, probably too much. I bet I'll like this season so much better once he heals up and starts kicking it.