Friday, March 16, 2012

Mad Men, oh how I've missed you

Mad Men is almost baaaack! Season 5 premieres Sunday, March 25th. And I'm on cloud nine.

From Entertainment Magazine:
"The two-hour premiere will resume the story after a healthy time jump, and you may need a few minutes to get your bearings. I want people to feel like they're going to visit their best friend, and they open the door and everything's been going on without them," hints [the heart, soul and superbrain of the show, Matthew] Weiner. "The story is on page 30 when they open the door, so they'll have to catch up."
I'm just relieved the show is officially back on. I know there was some major studio honcho douchiness, and that AMC now admits it released an "inelegant" statement about the protracted negotiations in an effort to make Matthew Weiner look like the asshole holdout. Weiner says he's planning to do 7 seasons. Jon Hamm says he'd play Don Draper until he's 100 if he could. Let's hope so.


The resumption of the Joan Holloway (never Harris) storyline is the one I'm most anticipating. Mostly I want Dr. Greg to die a quick death in Vietnam so Joan can be free of him. Shitty rapist loser. I love how Joan is so together and kickass at work, but is the opposite with her personal life. Of course everyone wants to know if Joan's going to raise her baby. (Am I the only one still eye rolling over the odd pro-life message sent last season?) If so, she'll do it with style and aplomb, as always. But will Roger ever know the truth? Way to surreptitiously stick it to Roger's trophy wife, Jane, and to shitty Dr. Greg, too. Well played, Joan Holloway. Well played.

Of course everyone will want to know if Don and Megan have actually tied the knot. I predict they will have, and naturally, Don will have already started cheating before the ink on the thank you notes is even dry. Will Megan continue to work at SCDP in the higher-profile role she had wished for (in the footsteps of Peggy), or will she stay home? Probably she'll stay home, because I don't think Don would have it any other way. How else is he supposed to chase women if his wife's at work with him?

Then again, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Don's already dumped Megan. As Faye so aptly put it, Don only likes the beginnings. Hmm...

I hear Betty Draper Francis will have a substantial role this season. Should be neat to see how January Jones' pregnancy is cleverly hidden in the shots. Or perhaps they'll just make it so Betty is pregnant with her 4th child (oh joy). I know she's not exactly a fan favorite, but I really do enjoy the raw honesty of her character, and if I'm honest I see a little of my own darkest motherhood moments in her.

Looking forward to the late-60's era social conflicts working their way into the show, and for the youth generation to start moving on up.

I'll be re-capping each episode here. Who'll be watching with me?


feMOMhist said...

I don't know what put me off most, probably my hatred of Draper, but I stopped watching at the beginning of season 4

hush said...

@feMOMhist - You and my husband both. He couldn't take any more of the depictions of prejudice. I think it was the Roger Sterling singing in blackface bit that did him in!

Fully expecting my recaps won't inspire a single comment! ;)

GMP said...

Love Mad Men, you can count on me watching! But we dvr-it, then watch later...

scantee said...

Finally, it's back. Betty is my favorite character on the show so I do hope she has substantial time this season. January Jones is an actor of questionable talent but she does well with Betty's brittleness.

My understanding of Joan's pregnancy is that she is passing it off as her husband's child. Only she and Roger know the truth and Roger will be willing to keep quiet for Joan's sake.