Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Xmas Decor Is Still Up

Happy New Year! Now subtract 10 days from today. My life right now is stuck there. I'm behind on everything that doesn't involve work or skiing. Today - 10 days = About Where I Actually Am.

Yep, it's ski season in Podunkville. It is kind of the time sink equivalent of us having another half of a child. In a good way. DS attends ski school every weekend and he loves it. We think this is directly correlated to the service of hot chocolate at ski school. DD will try out the rope tow with us in about a month when we can get and start using her pass for next season when she'll be 3. We all got cute new/handed down ski outfits this year. Yay us.

A local friend's 3-year-old son actually just broke his leg skiing. For some reason I can't explain, I actually used to think small kids were somehow immune to ski injuries like that.

In other news, DH's work had a holiday party after the holidays (great idea, that), but sadly it was at the home of a mean coworker of his, aka Bill Clinton/Don Draper. BC/DD is now dating a 22-year-old employee, who greeted us at the door and showed us all around the house that BC/DD's ex-wife decorated. Even though we'd been there many times before, during the period when she was in high school a few years ago. It was a total Twin Peaks experience. DH and I decided we'd feel like failures if our kids turned out like BC/DD in any way, shape, or form.

This is kind of a scattered post, I know. I promise something more substantive in about T + 15.

How did everyone survive the holidays? Talk to me.


feMOMhist said...

well jesus did you pull a Betty back on her? Only boring people are bored is like my all time fav line from a tv show

Got It, Ma! said...

YAY! You're back! I've been missing your posts.

Holidays are in the rearview, which is fine by me. Nuclear family stuff was fantastic, but there is always so much entertaining stress and family politics once the "extendeds" come into play. Glad to be hunkered down in the "bleak mid-winter" which really feels less bleak than restful.

Enjoy the skiing. It's not my cuppa, but it's so good to have something you enjoy to coax you outside in the colder months. Sledding and snowshoeing keep us moving in the cold. Except this year, of course, when we have NO SNOW! Crazy. Fingers crossed, we may get some tonight.

Welcome back!

Anandi said...

Wow, I had no idea tiny kids could learn to ski. We are *so* not winter sport people, sadly.

And weird about the holiday party. Just odd.

Our holidays were mostly pretty good. I LOVED having the hubby around so much (his employer gave them a lot more days off than mine). There were way too many gifts, and we had to put T to bed at 5:30 on Xmas Day because she was just DONE. But she had a great, if overwhelming, time.

Anandi said...

Also, we *just* took down Christmas on Sunday. It's my least favorite task of the year, though it was surprisingly more fun this year with T helping. She was so darn excited about taking the ornaments off the tree, it was hard to be depressed about it.

paola said...

Hey you're not that behind. in Italy you would have till the day after the Epiphany, so you're only a few days late.

Glad you have been enjoying your hols. We had 10 brilliant days in Italy, but that got hubby all home sick and he is seriously thinking of packing up and moving back! bad bad timing. No work in Italy and we have just put an offer on a house. And the kids are starting in their new school Monday. Too many changes are freaking the poor guy out. I do hope he'll buck up and think seriously what going back home would mean .

P.s loved the 'when she was still in High School' comment. MAde me laugh.

Cloud said...

@paola- I use the epiphany as the end of Christmas season, too, even though we are not at all religious and my husband doesn't even really know what the feast of the epiphany is. Heck, my kids don't even know who Jesus is yet.

But it is a convenient marker for the time at which the Christmas specials disappear from the DVR and the tree comes down!

(Welcome back, Hush. I've missed you!)

mom2boy said...

Happy Holidays! (never did get those holiday cards out)

Our decorations are down but we had the same family member who came to put up the lights on the roof Thanksgiving weekend over on New Year's Day to take them down.

I love New Year's Day. I don't know why except that it's always so relaxing and there is always good food but not the pressure of Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the skiing and the break. See you when you get back!

Claudia said...

The holidays were fine, nice, whatever. I realized a few things. One) I don't like to stay at the in-laws more than one overnight. I just get edgy on the third day, and it's pretty unnecessary to be there, seeing as we live an hour's drive from them.
Dos) The older DD gets (now 5), the more I really really want her to experience the Christmas of my childhood. In the states. So I need to convince DH to spend a Christmas in the states, maybe next year. I think that's fair, seeing as I've spend 9 out of the last 12 Christmases here in Denmark.
Trois) DD and I joined MIL and SIL on a package trip to Gran Canaria this last week, and I need to not ever do that again. One, I don't like being in Spain and having the menus and waiters communicate in Scandinavian. Two, the in-laws talk about crap I don't care about, and have no interest in the actual country that we're visiting. It's all about sun and beach for them, and that is really, REALLY not me.

So anyway, today I finally got my introduction to the fitness center, and can get my knee/weak leg back in shape. As I told a friend today, I feel like a feather floating in the air, being blown any which direction and not landing anywhere. Need to address that. One way is to feel physically able.
Welcome back, Hush and fans! I missed y'all, too.

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

Are your decorations down yet? I had mine down and the xmas tree on the curb at 9 am on the 26th. We discovered mid-December after yet another round of allergy testing that my middle son is allergic to trees. And I had one sitting in my living room for a month.