Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm currently suffering from blogstipation. But I did want to check in.

Dooce is getting divorced. So are Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis, and so are Heidi Klum & Seal. Divorce never fails to shock me, although given the obvious stats, it shouldn't.

Joe Paterno is dead. I shouldn't be happy about that. The brief "tribute" to him that I caught on ESPN the other day was nauseating. It doesn't matter if he was Santa Fucking Claus himself - he knew a child got raped and did nothing about it. If that isn't the very definition of being failure at life then I don't know what is.

I saw the movie "Melancholia" and for the first time ever in my own personal filmgoing history, I don't know if I loved it or hated it. It is very beautiful, very disturbing, and extremely enigmatic. I'd say see it but I'm not even sure that's good advice. DH and I are still talking about it days later, so perhaps it is.

It's nice to hear people say nice things about my children. DD's babysitter's mom came up to me at the ski hill to tell me how smart her daughter thinks DD is... because the last time the babysitter took care of her, DD talked lovingly about her vagina the entire time. (Yep, that's my child alright.) DS's teacher told me he doesn't like a lot of chit chat during his snack time at Montessori. A girl was attempting to talk with him over their carrots and raisins, and DS told her "Why don't we play the quiet game now?"


feMOMhist said...

I'm not sure what I like best, your daughter's "self" love or the shock you feel at divorce (which I share). I guess at least dooce has a whole lot of new blog subjects

Anandi said...

OMG, I love your story about DS at snack time. Sounds just like my husband :) "I'm eating right now, can we talk about this later?" HAHAHA.

I was also going to write about divorce. I don't read Dooce very often (for the same reason I don't watch Oprah anymore - at some point they just get so famous they're unrelatable) but was still surprised to read about it. A friend is also going through an icky horrible divorce and it hurts my heart.

You summed up my feelings for the Paterno thing as well. since I'm from pennsylvania, I woke up that morning to a ton of ridiculous crap on my FB page and it took major self control not to flame the hell out of everyone. So I just passive aggressively posted my own status about not making excuses for him. ;)

Got It, Ma! said...

I am totally stealing your son's line about "playing the quiet game." That is brilliant!!

Having recently had a ringside seat for a divorce, you're right, it never gets any less strange, despite how often it apparently happens. Yuck.

Totally with you on the Paterno thing, as well. If he had not made a name for himself as a college sports hero, he would have been utterly vilified for his role in that nightmare. Why the hell do we make excuses for people simply because they coach or play on winning teams? Our relationship with sports is so freakin' dysfunctional.

Hoping your blogstipation clears up. I'm having the opposite problem of having too many things I want to write about, but I just can't find the time to do it. Where's the balance??

mom2boy said...

Thank you for posting. I knew you'd have something to say about the divorce/JP things. And I have no other online friends to verklempt with!! (Urban dictionary says it's an adjective so I'm not using it correctly but still)

Seriously freaked out the rash of divorcing people I don't know. I think (know) it's because I am contemplating getting married for the first time in my life and it will be the only and I so, so, so don't want to be divorced (sure fire fool proof plan, don't get married and yet). Plan B pick the right partner. Anyway, it's very sad to me.

So with you on JP. So very with you.

We play the quiet game on car rides. Tate is way too chitty chatty to use it on anyone else I bet. If he ever did, it's a sure sign he's not asking that girl or boy to the prom.

Also, girls who say vagina are a hundred times cooler than girls who say woo-woo or va gee gee (my cohorts are notorious for this). So says the mom who hasn't yet taught her son the word. Hyp-o-cri-cy?

NK: Style-ING w/ Children said...

really glad to have you back. I could not believe the Klum/Seal divorce. Very sad. But so is every every divorce.

My 2.5 year old kid likes to talk about how girl pee pees are different from boy pee pees. And talks about this incessantly :) and here I thought we were not a "naked" family :)

so far it is cute, but hopefully she won't drop this bomb when we're crazy in public :)

DS is a pretty amazing little dude :)

glad to have you back in the blogland :)

Anandi said...

OMG @NK, HK/Seal?! Sad. Waaah.

paola said...

Funny stories!

I got told off from my mum when she heard me using the word 'vagina' with Zoe once! Well if my mum don't like it, it means i'm on the right track, I say.

Btw, we are now at the stage of 'i'll show you mine if you show me yours'. Not between my kids who have human anatomy down pat, but a friends son, who is also 5, flashed his wiener at Zoe. When I asked her if she was scared she said she wasn't, but she said she didn't want to show him her vagina, not until she is an adult, anyway. You go girl!

hush said...

I may have spoken too soon/foolishly believed what I read in the supermarket tabloids when I referenced the Depp/Paradis split. They're not officially married, and she also sort-of denied the break-up, maybe....

@Got It, Ma! - I owe you a review of "Room" - stay tuned!

hush said...

My mini-review of "Room" by Emma Donague(sp?) is posted in the comments to @Got It Ma's original post here:


Thanks commenters for sticking with me, and for actually leaving your comments. I love them all and trust me, I need the affirmation. Feel free to de-lurk, y'all!