Monday, September 5, 2011

True Blood recap - S4, E11

I felt like this episode was only like 30 minutes long tops. It was really action-packed. And I can hardly believe the season finale is next week. Holy hell!

So many things about this ep totally cracked me up. Lafayette proclaiming: "Marnie just puked the bitch out!" Jason going down the row of 4 vamps telling each one off in turn. Andy Bellefleur's woods wandering then sexy romp with a putative fairy. Andy telling Arlene all about it in funny/bizarre detail. Her reaction. Priceless. I wonder what Andy's pinky promise to this fairy is going to mean for him next season. Could she be Sookie's actual fairy godmother?

There was some of that wild and crazy mix of the grotesque with the hilarious. Eric ripping Marnie's right hand man's heart out, and then sucking blood from the main artery as though it were a drinking straw, before tossing it to the floor. Eew. But funny. I love how this show can pull that off. Welcome back, Real Eric.

Pam busting out the bazooka that could have killed Sookie - you know, maybe Eric should have used a little foresight here. Of course Pam is going to have a Sookie problem given all that has transpired! And if you think about it, Pam truly has Eric's best interests at heart. Perhaps Sookie is not an appropriate love object for Eric given that she also loves King Beel. Really, no good can come from it. It is hazardous to the health of everyone involved. (And they have no chemistry, but I digress. ) Anyway, as a 1000-year-old, with the incredible wisdom that has got to come from all that experience, it seems to me Eric could have simply used a little of that "as your maker I command you" stuff to get Pam to come around. Now they're having a little tiff. Hmm...

Jessica, that was good of you to save pretty Jason's face with your blood.

Marcus met his maker at the hands of... Alcide. Not Sam, even though Marcus killed his brother. Because it looked to Alcide like he was screwing Debbie. But actually nothing really happened between them, even though she was scantily clad and sitting on her bed-- right? We saw the Scary Yellow Eyes again that I hate. Alcide needs to work on managing his macho dick shit. Now Debbie is going to run off, and do loads more V, and eventually come after Sookie like in the books, right? Nooooo!!! Can't say I'm loving this were storyline anymores...

Your thoughts?


Haley @ Cardigan Junkie said...

I thought the scene where both Bill and Eric agreed to die was very nicely acted - lots of emotion conveyed in stares between each of them. Same for the scene after Marnie got shot. I was tired of Emo Eric, but I like seeing Sookie interact with him now that he has some feelings. He hasn't gotten to do that since season 2, really.

I think Season 5 will be a lot about Alcide, and the vampire jealousy that will follow that, and Alan Ball will tease people about who Sookie will choose as long as he can.

In other news, I got the first graphic novel for my birthday and so far it looks pretty awesome. AB wrote the plot, and hinted that they contains irrelevant back story on the characters. Those should tide me over until June if I pace myself. :)

mom2boy said...

Loved the ripped out heart, blood drinking scene. Yay for Real Eric!!!

I don't know why but I'm looking forward to the fairy storyline but with only one show to go, it'll just be a teaser to next season I'm sure.

Eric and Pam have always had tiffs. I don't think this is the first time he's told her to get out of his sight. He'll forgive her.

Why when Sookie was in the ring of fire did she just stand there and whimper? She can face down vampires and werewolves and demons and fairies but fire makes her helpless? Sometimes her character is just off.

hush said...

@Haley - You're right, that was a well-acted scene with Beel and Eric and what was conveyed in the stares. I will have to check out that graphic novel - sounds right up my alley, actually!

@mom2boy - You know, part of me is interested in the fairy storyline, too. I kind of hope it means less of a were storyline (not likely). I agree that Sookie whimpering in the ring of fire was a real miss.

Haley @ Cardigan Junkie said...

My husband and I just rewatched ep.11 in preparation for tomorrow and had the same dialogue about why Sookie stood in a ring of fire and cried (unconvincingly) instead of shooting white light from her hands and shutting the spell down. Oh well, I still can't wait for tomorrow!

Zenmoo said...

I was inspired by this series of posts to download the first three novels as holiday reading over the last week. I'm hooked. I bought #4 yesterday, read it today and am debating with myself now as to whether I request the rest from the library or just buy them...

I kinda love holidays with a bit of sitting around reading while the kid naps. It's so nice being in a hotel with nothing to do but read.

Now I'm off to examine the pay tv schedule to see when True Blood is on here.

zenmoo said...

Well. I watched ep 4 of season 4 (which is where the series is up to here).

Then I bought book #5 and read it today. That made waking up early from jet-lag worthwhile!

This is slightly ridiculous - I haven't been so hooked by series in ages!

Oh and my word verification word - prams

hush said...

@Haley - I hope the finale delivered for you & your DH!

@Zenmoo - I'm honored to have turned you on to the Sookie Stackhouse series! The books are really good and habit-forming, but I prefer the TV show. Hope I didn't give too many spoilers. The show is worth watching from the beginning.