Tuesday, September 13, 2011

True Blood recap - S4, E12 Finale

Goodbye, Season 4! All things considered, I thought this episode was a rather nice send-off.

Except the I Choose Neither of You scene. Huh? I don't get it.

Why not date them both! You haven't even been outside of Bon Temps yet with Eric. You still think you have been fired from your job! You have nothing but time on your hands. GO ON VACATION with one or both of these men, Sookie. Get to know them. See the world. Live it up. Gah - her line of reasoning just made no sense to me. Moving along..

Farewell, Jesus! Now that was a total shocker. It seems that the fate of Tara and Lafayette must be to each lose the one they love at the hands of something supernatural. That was a horrible, horrible scene with the knife and Marnie's threats. Ugh, hard to watch. Lafayette should probably be a bit worried about being charged with murder - might be an interesting test case of the "I was possessed by an evil, dead witch" defense. My gut tells me Bon Temps isn't exactly a place where a black man can get a fair trial.

Sayonara, Nan Flanagan! I kind of saw that coming. Nobody calls King Beel and Sheriff Eric Northman 'puppies' and lives to tell of it. Clearly, The Authority and the "Factions" within in will be a major theme next season along with....

RUSSELL EDGINGTON! Welcome back, you! He makes me happy. Such a fantastic little villian. Glad he clawed his way out of the concrete (and like, duh, of course he was going to). By my calculations he was underground for about 13+ months. Long enough to go uber-crazy-crazy. Even crazier than his initial, televised spinal column ripping, You Killed My Talbot! batshit crazy. Watch your ass, Sookie.

And Sookie, you'd better watch out for Pam, too. I think it takes a lot of pain to make Pam cry like a babe in the arms of Sweet, soon-to-be-glamoured-again-for-the-bazillionth-time, Ms. Ginger. I don't know about that scene though. Something was off. The humor in that scene, busting on Sookie while bawling, now that part I totally buy. Pam is probably a lot more patient than that overreaction illustrated. But anyway, we get it: she loves her maker.

Adios, Debbie Pelt! We're in book territory now. If memory serves, that's also how Charlaine H took her out. Minus the part of course where Tara is about to die on Sookie's kitchen floor with a massively bleeding gunshot wound to the head. Nice cliffhanger, ABall! Which vamp will run through Sookie's door first? (Wait, did this all happen during nighttime? Yes, I think so.) I predict one of Sookie's vamps is going to have to turn Tara to save her. And I think it will be Eric. And I think this will make Pam positively apoplectic in addition to the state she is already in.

Jessica made one sexy Little Red Riding Hood. That's how you do Sexy Halloween Costume. And yes, Hoyt's analysis of Jason missing something inside was spot-friggin'-on. But you know what I've been wondering about? The perma-hymen. No mention of it yet with Jason. Hmm...

So Rene's ghost made a Halloween appearance - I loved Arlene's reaction. (You know, only bad things happen by that green dumpster in the back of Merlotte's.) Ghost Rene says Terry's new ex-platoon buddy is going to turn Terry into a Bad Guy, and Arlene needs to get Baby Michael out of there. Should be an interesting storyline next season.

Your thoughts?

p.s. The next TV show I'm going to recap weekly will be AMC's Mad Men, whenever the new season comes out in 2012. Hope you'll join me!


mom2boy said...

Considering how up and down the season was, I thought the final episode was one of the best. I can't help it - I love when the vampires kill things.

I don't think Lafayette is going to be charged with murder anymore than Jessica's perma-hymen will ever be mentioned again. With so many spinning plates in the air/story lines I think they are hoping some go quietly into the good night without anyone noticing.

I have a mad crush on Noel (Scott Foley from Felicity days lol) and had no idea he was making a guest appearance. Love it!

There are going to be really good evil villains next season, no doubt.

I liked the I choose neither storyline with Sookie simply because her romantic/sex scenes are so boring, I'd rather see her mixing it up in a bunch of different revenge plot lines and the way things ended, there's going to be plenty.

I've never watched Mad Men. Should I?

Haley @ Cardigan Junkie said...

I wanted Sookie to pick Eric for now, just to try it out. I know she doesn't have the same chemistry as with Stephen Moyer but now it sort of feels like this season's romantic arc was a waste. I loved ASkars' facial expression when Beel said he gave his blessing, and again when she said "and that's what makes this so hard". But, I do see that a few days spent screwing Emo Eric does not a relationship make. She better not run straight to Alcide, though. Hot as he may be, it would be too obviously rebound-ey. I am surprised you didn't mention the matching robes, though. They bothered me.

I cried because I felt so badly for Lafayette. And now he may lose Tara too. I am not sad for Tara, but I think she will be turned. And I agree it will be Eric, and Pam will lose her shit. I think Pam and Eric are going to be at odds in season 5 because she will not know how to deal with him loving someone other than her, since he usually spits on the bones of princesses apparently.

I think someone dug Russell up. The internets think it was Pam, but I don't think she'd do that to Eric. I think he and the The Authority will be a big part of Season 5 along with Alcide becoming packmaster (since he killed Marcus, which I believe would make him the alpha now) I hope Steve Newlin stays around too, but not if it makes too many storylines.

I kinda like the Jessica/Jason arc, but I really thought the cliffhanger would be him turning into a werepanther since they let that go so quietly.

I was excited to see Scott Foley (forever known as Noel to me) and think he'll be some sort of minor villian out to hurt Terry, and Andy will save the day. But why was Rene using his fake accent after he came back from the grave? Any what will happen to Sam now?

Ugh, I can't wait 9 months.

eden said...

We need to protest for a re-do. I thought I was dreaming when Sookie pulled that crap, RE-DO, RE-DO!!!

hush said...

@mom2boy - I also love when the vamps kill things. Yes!

"I don't think Lafayette is going to be charged with murder anymore than Jessica's perma-hymen will ever be mentioned again." LOL! True dat!

So that's who Noel is - I never watched 'Felicity' but still I recognized his face even though I couldn't place him.

Hellz yes you should watch "Mad Men"!! ;) It deserves every ounce of critical acclaim it's been getting these last few years.

@Haley - "She better not run straight to Alcide, though. Hot as he may be, it would be too obviously rebound-ey." Yes! YOU DO NOT go from Sheriff Eric Northman, Viking Sex God straight to Alcide. You just DON'T.

"I am surprised you didn't mention the matching robes, though. They bothered me." AMEN! I think they were being a bit too clever with the costuming (subtle visual way of saying: these 2 vamps are just the same so it's ok that Sookie's about to reject both.) To handle the burnt off clothes issue, they should have wrapped Eric in a blanket and had Beel wear his own robe in his own house - that wouldn't have felt as off.

"I am not sad for Tara, but I think she will be turned. And I agree it will be Eric, and Pam will lose her shit." Yep. I can't see Tara surviving that kind of head wound on just a few drops of V alone, followed by a trip to the ICU. Maybe Vampire Tara will finally become the kind of empowered person she's been trying so hard to be.

I can't see Pam having dug Russell up. He either clawed his way out on his own over time, or someone he had a blood bond with (i.e. Debbie Pelt?) dug him up.

For some reason, Vampire Steve Newlin struck me as just a nightmare in Jason's mind, but if true, it would be pretty damn funny. Maybe he'll take over for Nan Flanagan. ;)

@Eden - Welcome! Re-do, indeed! We deserve a proper Eric/Sookie sex scene with some actual chemistry, and we don't want to have to wait another entire season for the chance! What about his apartment in Paris, Sookie! Come on!