Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Houseguests Are Like Fish

A future colleague of my DH's, and his wife, and two young children are currently staying at our place while they house hunt. It is pure, unadulterated mayhem around here. Their 3.5 year old son and our 2.5 year old DS have been fighting over literally the same race car for the past 48 hours. Both of our 10 month olds are teething and have heads full of snot, and no one is getting any sleep. And it is starting to feel too warm in here, as I look at the thermostat reading 77 degrees but set on 70... I know this will require a service call because we had the same problem last summer. And I have too much work shit scheduled for when they finally leave so I can't be at home to meet a repairman. Even a hot one who looks like Eric Bana. Because in Podunkville, land of no hustle, people take their sweet time with things and are slow talkers and slow movers in general. But enough bitching from me about houseguests - they are truly lovely people, it is just that all of the kids are getting in the way of anyone enjoying a relaxing time with people we are hoping to eventually become good friends with.

I need a drink - just something cold. Though if someone handed one to me I wouldn't turn down a Hendricks' gin & tonic with lime.

What are you drinking? Who is crashing your place? Who are you Kato Kaelin-ing on this summer?


Jac said...

I'm drinking root beer floats. Daily. But I do love me a G&T. Mmmm.... next summer, hopefully.

We don't accept visitors. Our place is too small. It's one of the reasons we haven't moved into a bigger place. But, we are borrowing my parent's lovely cottage on Vancouver Island for a week at the end of a month, and we've invited along our dear friends and their three year old B/G twins, who are good little buddies with our son. It's our first attempt to have a joint family trip. Hoping it goes well.

Blue said...

First let me just say, mmmmmmm, Eric Bana.

OK, back to reality. Wow, you certainly have covered a lot in a short space here. Amen on the slow talking, slow moving repair folk. You know how I feel about that. I've been waiting for a MONTH for an estimate for a 2 days carpentry job. A month. And that's just for the estimate. And that's the best I'm gonna get.

The new colleague/friends sound promising, even if it's hectic hell right now. Maybe a real friend in your same town?!?!?!?!?!?! Fingers crossed.

Let's see, I've been drinking a lot of rum lately, but right now it's 7:15, so coffee, coffee, coffee for me. My mom came to stay last week to help with the kids so I could get away with friends for the night. She's still here! It has it's pros and cons....

paola said...

Eric Bana hot?? I always associate him with one of his earliest characters in a really lame Aussie comedy show. Back then he was such a dork, but, yes, he has blossomed of late. I'm very partial to Clive Owen. He could play with my plumbing anytime!!!

No one crashing here, but in just over a week the 4 of us and my brothers' family of 4 will be crashing my folks' place. So 8 extra people for my poor ma
to cook and clean after, along with my invalid dad. She (and me, just a little tiny bit) is so looking forward to it though.

Drinking? Not much, but eating heaps of yummy gelato.

Slim said...

Wait, the repair guys in Podunkville look like Eric Bana?

No one is crashing, and when we go to visit my parents next week, they have offered to put us up in a hotel rather than all squeeze in together. I have a nagging sense that a real adult would say, "Oh, we're happy to pay our own way," and maybe I will get to that, but at the moment, I am too busy rubbing my hands with delight at staying somewhere with a gym, where I can work off the beer and wine and gin and tonics and Old Fashioneds.

What? Some people aren't drinking anything. I'm bringing up the average.

mom2boy said...

Clive Owen! - :)

Is it bad that I have no idea who Eric Bana is??

I crashed with my dad and step mom in Wyoming. It was four days and I'm pretty neat and tidy so I don't think they minded. I missed the little dude while I was gone although traveling alone was really nice. Will have to suck it up and take him next time.

We only have two bedrooms and no extra beds so no house guests on the horizon.

Um, I drink anything caffeinated and hot or diet coke very, very cold. Going to my favorite coffee shop this morning for a cafe con leche. Yum!

caramama said...

Eric Bana in Hulk = No thanks!
Eric Bana in Troy = WHOA MAMA! Yes please!!! With a big side helping of Brad Pitt from Troy!

No one at our house lately. We'll be going down to my in laws (and their Podunkville) for Labor Day weekend, but nothing till then.

I'm going to have a nice glass of Kendall Jackson Chardonny this evening, after 2 full days of solo parenting while hubby is working crazy long hours. This will go on for at least another 4 days and include a trip to the ENT with the girl who hates to have people touch her ears. Wheeeee!

Maybe I need to pull out the vodka and tonic for this week...

Zenmoo said...

We're off to the parents in laws place for 10 days - most of the trip will be six adults and three kids (FIL, MIL, BIL & partner & their 4yr old & 22 mo, husband & me & our 7.5 mo) maxing out at 8 adults (2 extra SILs). Thankfully, they now have 2 bathrooms! Luckily everyone is pretty relaxed so it won't be too bad. Plus - I can count on a good break everyday as the Moo still needs to be bounced to sleep and napping is dicey if she's put down but good if she's held. I'm loading up the iPhone with audiobooks to keep myself amused...

Zenmoo said...

Oh - and Eric Bana - mmm- no. Not my type at all! I'm drawing a complete blank on eye-candy right now. David Boreanaz is a good reason to watch Bones I guess.

And drinks wise - it's been French champagne all the way for the last year and a bit. If I can only have one glass at a time (preg/bfing), it's going to be quality. next week, it'll be all about the NZ wines. One of the SILs is a winemaker so there is always good stuff to drink at the ILs.

Claudia said...

Drinking red wine as usual, though it's 7:42 am right now, so coffee with cream.

No one is crashing here at the moment, but we had my SIL for a couple of days two weeks ago, and will have another family of 3 (kid is 7) for a weekend in September, because we're all going to LEGOLAND!!! First time for me and Boo boo.
I had to google both Eric and Clive, and in their still shots, neither of them do it for me. I vote David Tennant.

and Hush, a question for you: Why did you guys move to Podunkville anyway?

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

I would love to be drinking something other than sparkling water and apple juice right now. It would be helping me deal with all the transitional stress that's seeping into all the aspects of my life. But instead I'm just drinking two cups of coffee a day instead of one and eating cheese that I'm only 90% sure is pasteurized, and feeling guilty about both.

Oh! Houseguests. We have a two bedroom, 600 square foot apartment and I so dread houseguests. Usually I end up appreciating them when they're actually here and we have a great time, as long as they fold up the futon and get out of the way of the nanny in the morning. We have a houseguest coming for I'm-not-entirely-sure-how-long in September, and she's really sweet and has offered to cook and everything, but I'm not so enthusiastic.

Oh, and the establishment does not accept children. Because that would surely do me in.

I hope some day I'll have a fabulous old farmhouse in the country where I can invite tons of friends and family and watch kids who aren't mine joyfully chase each other around the yard while I drink a glass of red wine on the shaded patio. I'll forget just who is visiting us and how long they're staying.

hush said...

@Jac - Root beer floats = yum. Hope your pregnancy & Vancouver Island trip are both going well.

@Blue - Glad you're feeling me on the Eric Bana hotness, esp. in "Funny People." Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed on me finding a real Podunkville friend. Like mail order brides we must import them. ;)

@Paola - "He could play with my plumbing anytime!!!" I'm with you on the Clive Owen. I heard Eric Bana used to be a comedian in Oz, and I'd love to see his early work. Funny that you say he was a dork - I can kind of see that.

@Slim - Welcome, welcome! I will have to check out your blog!! Yeah, we do have some hot uniformed men in general here in Podunkville. Don't even get me started on the police & firemen - the hotness is ridiculous. Must be something in the water.

@mom2boy - No worries for not knowing who Eric Bana is; he only does like one movie a year and some recent ones have really sucked (like "Lucky"). Wyoming? Now that is some serious Podunkville action right there.

@caramama - I'll be checking in on you to see how the solo parenting adventures went for you! I need to also comment on "Midwives" - soon, I promise!!

@Zenmoo - I also need to drop by your blog and see how your trip went! What kind of french champagne?

@Claudia - Legoland sounds fun actually! Why did we move to Podunkville? Several reasons... my job started to suck and I stopped giving a shit and wanted something different and less corporate that I could do flexibly from home. DH found a golden opportunity in his field that created a better lifestyle all around than we had in the big city - less competition in the middle of nowhere meant more pay for less work and nicer people in general in his work situation. And it is really beautiful and sunny here most of the time with a ton of outdoorsy things to do, and no humidity, traffic, or bugs... BUT clearly it isn't utopia, not by a long shot. We miss the kind of friends we used to have, the great food, culture, etc.

@Parisienne Mais Presque - "I hope some day I'll have a fabulous old farmhouse in the country where I can invite tons of friends and family and watch kids who aren't mine joyfully chase each other around the yard while I drink a glass of red wine on the shaded patio. I'll forget just who is visiting us and how long they're staying." MOI AUSSI!!!!!! Sounds like heaven.