Monday, June 14, 2010


1. The first episode of True Blood Season 3 rocked my world!!! Especially Sheriff Eric Northman's first scene.... yum.... and Pam was so hilarious.

2. Skeletor and Bill Clinton are getting divorced. She is in in-patient rehab halfway across the country, and he plans to drop the bomb on her when she gets back. Now that's the ultimate dick move, particularly the part about letting everyone else in town know before he tells her.

3. Remember our friend who is the father of 3, whose alcoholic wife is divorcing him, and I spoke with the girls' Guardian ad Litem on his behalf? The Judge has awarded him primary residential custody and has ordered his ex-wife to pay child support and attend a substance abuse evaluation. I'm so happy!!


Melba said...

I love that the number 1 thing on your list is regarding True Blood. hehe!

caramama said...

1. So I finally read the first Sookie Stackhouse book (while on vacation), and I decided that I liked it. I'm going to pick up the next one next time I get to a bookstore (I totally need a kindle). I have also decided that I simply have to get a copy of the first season of True Blood.

Oh, didn't you mention once that you watch Justified? I've seen all but the season finale, which is recorded and I plan to watch tonight. I just LOVE that show, and I'm hoping the small-town feel of True Blood is similar to Justified.

2. That guy is a DICK! Wow.

3. I'm so so so glad at that ruling. The system can work sometimes. :-)

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

Re: #2, wow, "Clinton" just edged out my IRL friend's husband for 2010's Most Obnoxious Way to End a Marriage Award. And the competition was tough, believe me.

Re: #3, I'm glad it has worked out for the best for the kids and the husband! I hope the wife manages to get help...

Jac said...

1. LOVED the first episodes. Thanks gods for Eric's bum, makes for some sexytime dreams (and my husband is the happy beneficiary).

2.Bill Clinton sounds like a d*ck.

3. So pleased the court systems actually works sometimes!

hush said...

@Melba - Yeah, "True Blood" pretty much tops all of my lists right now. Pathetic. ;)

@caramama - 'Bout time you got on the Sookie Stackhouse train, girlfriend! The best bad/good book series evah. I'm amazed that such mediocre writing can be so damn hard to put down.

I watched the whole season of "Justified" and just adore it. I think of it as a modern-day western, and I agree it has a small-town feel to it like the town of Bon Temps in TB/S. Stackhouse novels.

@Parisienne Mais Presque - Your IRL friend's hubby must also be a total jerk. Yikes! What is with men like that?

@Jac - Did you read the latest S. Stackhouse book? What did you think of it?

Jac said...

@Hush, I did read the latest. I enjoyed it and it had some great moments. BUT, it mostly seemed like filler, like it was just setting up what was going to happen in the next book. One of my favorite things though was the "friendship" developing between Pam and Sookie. Have you read it?

@ Parisienne Mais Presque - I, too, have a friend in real life who's husband is competing in this Top D*ck contest. She found out their marriage was over when he switched his status on facebook to "single".

hush said...

@Jac - I've read it and agree that it felt like filler. It was weird that the stuff with Eric was for the first time in the whole series actually kind of, well, boring! The stuff about Bill was actually the most interesting to me.

Switching his FB status to 'single' in order to let his wife know he wanted out? We have our winner! That, my friends, is definitely Mr. Top Dick!!

Jac said...

@Hush, I keep waiting for you to post about how completely awesome True Blood was last night. Since you haven't (and I haven't got my own blog) I will jump right in and say it was COMPLETELY AWESOME.

hush said...

@Jac - Sorry I have been on vacation and am crawling out from piles of laundry and unopened snail mail, but we just watched the most recent 2 episodes of TB, and holy shit they were totally fucking awesome!!! My favorite moments: Sookie imitating how Bill says her name, the sad flashback to Bill's wife & son in 1868, Alcide looking fine, the scene with Eric & Sookie on her porch, the scene with Lafayette & Eric in the car, Yvetta the dancer who everyone bangs, Loretta on fire, I could go on and on. The mix of dark comedy and drama is just amazeballs. It will be hard to wait for the next ep on July 11th!