Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Card PSA

I thoroughly enjoy sending and receiving holiday cards (and it helps my business). But... oy!

Based on the cards I've received so far this month, I feel the need to post another Holiday Card PSA.

1. People -  please, dear God, please have someone proofread what you've written. (Says the blogger who regularly craps all over the rules of grammar.)

2. No, "The Smith's" don't fucking live here. However, "The Smiths" certainly do, and we're so delighted to get your lovely card.

3. It bugs me when the wife who clearly does all the cards her-damn-self puts her husband's name first. I say it again this year: PUT THE WIFE'S NAME FIRST! -- like so:

Happy Holidays!
The Drapers
Betty, Don, Sally, Bobby & Gene

4. I don't care who is in the picture. The recent talk amongst media darlings about whether or not "The Mom Stays in the Picture" is entirely up to every woman to decide for herself. While I make no judgments about such matters, I will share that where my people come from, it's perfectly normal to send cards with pictures of just the kids. 

5. Finally, kudos to those marketing wizards are over at Minted. From the look of things in our mailbox, your sales are through the roof! Hats off to you, because we've already received three of your same card. (It's this card, if anyone is curious.)

Your thoughts? Kvetch to me about holiday cards.


Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

I never sent out change of address cards when we moved, so we have received one Christmas card this year, from my husband's coworker. :-( I picked up our Christmas cards yesterday, but it might be the end of January before I send them out.

NoTrustFund said...

Ha! We used minted this year, although I am happy to say we did not use the card you mentioned. This year they even had a free service whereby they printed addresses on the front which pretty much guarantees we will use them next year!

While we used minted, the ones we've gotten in the mail are all from shutterfly and tiny prints.

And we also only put the kids on the front of the card. They are the cutest ones in our family!

Anonymous said...

We found ourselves in the situation in which we had a school wallet picture for one kid but not the other, so we did our first venture into picture cards. They turned out much better than I had expected them to. We did them at Walgreen's. I had never heard of minted.

And it was just kids. Someone has to take the picture.

I did not put my name first, but we mainly only sent cards to people in his family anyway.

Lisa F. said...

We used shutterfly, and for the first time a family photo, since we had a great ensemble Halloween photo w/the boy as Harry Potter, husband as Dumbledore & me as McGonagall. But I usually make them a Happy Nextyear card, in case I'm lame getting them into mail.

hush said...

So far we've received a total of 7 cards from Minted (understandable given the freebies they'll throw in, thanks for mentioning that @NoTrustFund), 3 from Tiny Prints, 2 from Shutterly, and several from other stationery shops I had never heard of until now.

We got our cards from an Etsy seller this year, but in the past have used Costco.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I put my name first this year, go me!

Laura Vanderkam said...

Minted does seem to be doing well. We're Shutterfly people, which seems to be less popular, but that means fewer people have our exact same card. The cover photo features all 5 of us. We sent them to some people who wouldn't have known what our kids look like, so that seemed to make more sense.

hush said...

By now, all of our holiday cards are probably in, and it's Minted for the win - we received 12 of their cards. Wowza. Only one duplicate. Tiny Prints was the second place finisher at 5 cards.