Friday, October 5, 2012

The First Presidential Debate

WTF, President Obama?

Wow, that was painful to watch.

Please tell me that was deliberate. You deliberately let Massachusetts Mitt win the first debate, right?

Please tell me your super secret strategy was calculated in advance to make the Big Rich GOP donors, who had previously written Mitt off as having no chance of possibly winning the White House, suddenly want to start donating to his campaign again - instead of funding those key GOP Senate and House races.

Mitt Romney's debate performance reminds me of why I hated working in business with people who act just like him - with that shady sales-yness, that bogus 5 minute elevator pitch-speak, that rude Alpha Male bullshit. Ugh.

And Mitt totally lied, and did a complete 180 on his entire position. I think Obama is a decent man, and when Mitt's duplicity completely took him by surprise, it showed.

Where was the press to call him out? I mean these are verifiable, prior public statements people!

Was it the altitude, President Obama? Was it that you'd have rather been wining and dining Michelle on your 20th Anniversary? Did you just need a nap?

I still think (and hope) you'll be re-elected, even though you've let me down on some issues (like pretty much all Democratic presidents who move to the middle to woo the median voter).

When the next debate is in the Town Hall format, we'll get to see Mitt (awkwardly) interact with his dreaded 47%-ers. I hope you'll sock it to him in your classy, unflappable, above-the-fray style. In the meantime, put Bill Clinton on the talk circuit to do some fact-checking.

I know, I know, you're saying "Don't worry, people. I got this."

I know you do.


Kristen said...

My theory is just that we was super tired with too much on his plate: Kids, spouse, anniversary, job - and now he has to debate a lying idiot? :)

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

Oh, I hope he does. I'm getting all anxious over here, I so want Obama to be re-elected. And I can't even threaten to move overseas if he isn't.

I haven't decided if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I'm sleeping while these debates are going on. That first one, at least, sure sounded like a bad dream.

Crossing fingers, and waiting for my absentee ballot to finally show up in the mail.

Got It, Ma! said...

I think your take on it may be right on. Obama really seemed upset at how duplicitous Romney really is. I've always just thought of the Mittster as a hair-do, but I can see he's worse than that. Here's hoping Ryan looks crazier than Biden and that Obama kicks ass the next time. We just can't lose this one.

Haley said...

I like to think that President Obama was busy running American and dealing with Libya and as such, did not have time for weeks of debate practice and canned answers like Mittens did. That said, WHY DID HE NOT CALL HIM OUT ON ALL THE LIES AND HAVING NO PLANS?! As Luke Russert said, he left all his ammo in a lockbox.

However, I like to think (as my boyfriend Jon Stewart does) that there are way more reasonable, moderate Americans than we realize, and they will not believe lies or jump on a right wing bandwagon back to olden times.

Alas, the Texans on Facebook have made this a bad week for me. They think Mittens is a genius.

Claudia said...

It was indeed painful. I really hope there's a secret weapon.
@ Haley, I'm sorry, but you're sorely mistaken. Jon Stewart is MY boyfriend. Don't make me fact-check you.

mom2boy said...

VP's tonight.