Monday, September 10, 2012

Wake me up when September ends

Crazy, full, active, wonderful month here at Casa Hush, hence the lack of blogging.

I'm training for a 5k that will take place at Thanksgiving time, trying to beat my PR of 25 minutes. (Anyone want to virtually join me? I double dog dare you to sign up for a local "Turkey Trot" where you live.) I run to help keep my blood pressure within the normal range. My family history of heart disease sucks. I recently invested in an at-home blood pressure monitor that I like - the Omron 7 Series Plus. It was about $50 at Costco.

Both of my kids are at the same Montessori this year. It rocks. They love it. They are speaking a ton of Mexican Spanish, and have even started using some funny slang that I don't always understand. Like "chongo" (translation: a hair thingy). Awesome.

Over the weekend, we went swimming outdoors for what was probably the last time this year. This was the summer that DS finally learned to swim independently and in the deep end. He loves to show off by doing back flips off the diving board. DD is not far behind. If only she were a bit taller, she'd be able to touch the bottom in the shallow end and would have a lot more confidence. I think it helped that we never put them in "floaties" or life jackets (unless we're on a boat, of course.)

Fall is closing in. I went for a run in the crisp, cool air this morning. Work has finally gotten a lot less busy this week, so I suddenly have more time to play, instead of needing to be at my computer and phone at the butt crack of dawn.

Some friends came to visit last week. They're expecting their first baby in January. They kept asking us for advice. "Trust your instincts" was the basic summation of all I could come up with. Apparently, I am only able to give real advice anonymously and online.

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week. ;)


Anonymous said...

Trust your instincts is the most important advice to give!

Cloud said...

I agree! Trust your instincts and don't let anyone make you feel guilty for how you parent as long as you love your child and keep him or her safe.

Got It, Ma! said...

I have been in the blogging doldrums lately as well. Maybe if you get back into it, I'll feel inspired to do so as well. Do you like how I just tried to make my lack of inspiration your problem?

Enjoy September. Weather-wise, it's my most favorite time of year, but it sure is a busy time with all the back to school/activities craziness. Trying to find some balance can be hard. And, for me, finding the gumption to return to disciplined writing has been an elusive goal so far. Maybe in October??

mom2boy said...

Love that song. Good thing since now it's stuck in my head. :)

Enjoy your end of summer. I'm off to hike (Floridian for walking on ground not completely flat) a new trail. Yay for free time!

No can do on the 5K but I'll be virtually cheering you on!