Wednesday, August 22, 2012

True Blood S5:E11 recap

Anybody out there? Bueller? You guys still watching True Blood? One episode left, and it looks like the war(s) is/are about to begin.

I'll keep this brief.

I loved the scene with the shit-talking General who 'owns the day' and 'has weapons,' and I loved that Eric killed him for being "a dick." And, of course, to provide an escape route so Eric and Nora could fly off into the night. I guess the tape of Russell and Steve killing all those frat boys has gone viral. Thanks, TB, for an enjoyable sex scene, even though it was brother/sister, it was still long overdue.

Pam's been arrested and taken to Authority HQ for the death of Sheriff Marilyn Manson. She protected Tara from Chancellor Roslyn's wrath - I think that was extremely significant. How's she going to get out of that one now that Eric has left the building?

Alcide and his Dad, the Trailer Park Vampire Slayers - "when we die we turn to goo!" - I personally loved that whole scene, very camp-tastic. Alcide could have left his shirt off. Just a thought.

Andy is Fairy Mirella's babydaddy. Weren't Holly and Arlene were just talking about their men and "loyalty"? Spoke too soon.

The quirky Fairy Elder who lived a very long life right up until she met Sookie, and who dances and references Ke$ha, Boyz II Men, and John Cougar Mellencamp - ugh, I was not a fan. Something was off about the writing of her character, and I just could not suspend my disbelief. I kept thinking "why did the actor and director make the choice to portray her in this odd, unbelievable way?!" Come to think of it, I don't especially love the way any of the fae have looked or acted this season. As I've said before, Claude is not good looking enough. Bah.

Russell Edgington seems pretty unstoppable. The fae appear to be totally defenseless against him now that he can see right through the portal into Fairyland. Maybe Warlow is going to step in when Russell tries to eat Sookie. That, or Eric will fly in.

Beel hitting Jessica during their disagreement was extremely sad and uncomfortable -- religious zealotry and misogyny seem to go hand-in-hand. Jessica being ordered to turn Jason while the vampire guards monitor her, yikes. Beel is not that dumb... of course, Beel could have added an "as your maker, I command you" clause that would have made Jessica actually go through with turning Jason, but he didn't.

Lilith appearing to every Chancellor (except Roslyn?) telling them they're the Chosen One and that they must drink all of her... is that so she can possess one of them and come back into corporeal form? Maybe she is "real" afterall. The bloody handprints on the glass certainly suggest so.

Your thoughts?


Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

I like to let the episodes build up in my dvr and watch them all in a row. I'm a little behind :-)

Haley said...

I'm here! Just caught both your recaps, and have many thoughts. (of course)..

1. I wish that the general could have been around more this season with Roman, and the US govt starting to pick off vampires would have been a much better story arc than some of the side plots we've been subjected to

2. I think I'm probably still right that Eric will come back to save the day (and Sookie) not that he's out if the designer basement with Nora. I'm curious if Nora will live through the finale and return next season, though.

3. I agree that Pam sacrificing her safety for Tara is extremely significant, and I think Tara will make up with her friends who caused her to be turned. As Pam said at some point, she and Eric do not turn people unless they really want to so it wasn't no big deal to her.

4. Is Alcide's plotline done? He lost packmaster and will help get Emma back? That was a waste of time. He needs more crazy love scenes since he obv enjoys stuff like that (Magic Mike)

5. HATED faerie elder. It's like some writer gave up and as my coworker put it, Alanis Morisette must not have been available. Also, why is Sookie dressed like a 6 year old girl in pink tights/dress/sweater?

6. I think Russel maybe IS Warlo... dun dun dun!

7. Poor Holly.

8. I think Beel hitting Jessica is going to bring back bad memories of abusive bible beater dad and she may be the one to do something to stop him.

9. Lilith may be real, and if so she can probably be killed by Eric in the final moments of Sunday's episode. Time to wrap this up!

I feel like there is too much to accomplish in one hour of tv, but we shall see!

hush said...

@Lisa - Feel free to chime in when you're caught up! ;)

@Haley - I agree with you on all points, especially #1, 4, 5 (I hear they're trying to cover up AP's pregnancy hence the fug outfits?) & 9.

#6 is a good one, but given that in seasons past when Russell first met Sookie at his mansion he did not know what she was even though she had the last name Stackhouse it seems unlikely he's Warlow from the contract. But sometimes the writers are amazingly inconsistent, so maybe they will end up going there after all.