Saturday, August 20, 2011

My 100th Post

This is my 101st blog post. Hurrah, hurrah. I stuck with blogging longer than I thought I ever would, and I plan to keep at it because what can I say, I really, really need this outlet in my life. I'm doing a looong sentence in Podunkville and I seriously would not be able to get though it without you anonymous lovelies out there, somewhere. Anyway, in my head this is kind of bizarrely reminiscent of the 100th episode of "Friends" where the adorable 6-some broke character afterwards, interacted with the fawning studio audience/laugh track, and all patted themselves on the back (it was a show I never liked, BTW, but my roomie back in the day was obsessed, and owned the TV, so let's just say I'd probably fare ok in a "Friends" trivia game scenario). I'm going to go eat a self-congratulatory cookie now.

Thanks for reading me, y'all.

I think in honor of this not-very-momentous occasion, we should have a listen to the delightful Mr. Samuel L. Jackson's hilarious reading of "Go The F*ck to Sleep" - here.

SLJ cracks my shit up. Just hearing him always puts me in a better mood. In fact, I own the movie "Snakes on a Plane" and am known to make visitors to my home watch the scene where Jackson busts out with "I'm sick of these muthafuckin' snakes on this muthafuckin' plane!!" Cinematic gold, I tell you.

In other news, DS starts at the new bilingual Montessori next week. I think it is going to be a hellacious transition, full of a lot of missing his mama, but hopefully it will eventually turn out ok. Maybe he'll finally start speaking the Spanish we all know he understands. I'm told I should just drop him off and get the hell out of there ASAP. That way, I won't be around to be embarrassed when the teachers hear DS scream "fucking bitch!!" once he realizes I've driven off. (No joke there, that's truly what I think he'll say. Picking up colorful phrases like that are the downside of watching too much HBO at one's house.) Conventional wisdom I trust tells me the longer preschool parents linger and the more they act all ambivalent, the longer the painful reaction from the child - or so they all say. Ugh, who knows?

DD is finally daytime potty trained. Ican'teffinbelieveitthankyoulittlebabyjeebus! That's the good. The bad? She dropped her nap and is overtired from like 2-6pm, she yells at me pretty much all the damn time, and has hair that looks like Donald Trump's whenever I'm around because the minute I walk through the door she immediately rips out whatever cute barette her babysitter had lovingly styled into her hair. My little rebel. ;)

How's your summer (or winter, depending) winding up?


Zenmoo said...

Congratulations Hush! 101 posts! woot!

Well, our winter is going ok- not that you'd know it's winter here at the moment. It was so HOT today that I washed the dog while I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and Moo got some nakey baby play in the water time. It should not be this warm. We really need more rain or we'll really have severe water restrictions this summer...

paola said...

Ha, it's summer here, not that you'd know it!! 20oC does not a summer make, but have to humour the locals. We are all settled into our new abode and despite the crap weather I'm loving it here. Kids have been accepted into not the best school in the area, but near where we live the schools are fantastically good and so if things don't go so well there, we'll apply for one of the better schools next year. My knee is on the mend and I managed a 30 k run yesterday and no pain today. 5 weeks till the big day and only one more really long run and then it's all down hill from there.

paola said...

Oh, and i've read every one! Congratulations.

Got It, Ma! said...

Congrats on the milestone! I've been a very delinquent blogger lately, but hoping to turn over a new leaf when the kids are back in school. 100 blogs posts is quite an accomplishment. Well done.

School starts in just over a week. New districting takes effect in our town this year and, as luck has it, many of the kids' friends will be in different schools this year. Disappointing. Also, new bus routes mean an earlier pick-up time (15 minutes earlier than last year) and a longish walk to the end of the street instead at the end of the driveway. Too far and too out of sight for any kids on the road to be safe on their own and at the junction of a busy road at a the bottom of a blind hill. Ugh. Layered on my other concerns about our school system, all of this is making me far less at ease than at the start of other school years.

Summer persists here, with uncomfortably hot, sticky weather and not enough rain. I'm not a fan of the heat and I'm really feeling that enough is enough, already. Looking forward to fall.

Good luck to all with all the transitions and adjustments that come with this time of year. This, too, shall pass, but not without tears and anxiety, unfortunately.

Cloud said...


I've got nothing on the preschool transition, since we did the day care transition at 5 months. A bit different!

I'm sure he'll do fine. Trust the teachers for a while, then trust your gut if you don't think its working.

Our summer has been good, but we never seem to get enough beach time. I know. Wah. Poor me.

I'm working on the detailed plan for our vacation, which is in mid/late Sept. I am really looking forward to it. I'm hoping that w/enough advance planning, it can be fun for all. Besides, I like the planning!

Jac. said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I've also read every one.

Summer has been crazy because we moved towns, moved into an awesome big house with lots of room for the kids, left our nanny (of three years). Next week a new nanny starts, and the week after that DS is starting at a new Montessori pre-school. He does not handle transitions well so I am expecting a bumpy month. Also, I return to work in three weeks from mat leave (I know, Canadian, lucky me). I've changed my work so I am going to be a) self-employed and b) working from home, so those are some big transitions for me too. Between trying to get my business set up and trying to get the new house set up, and the great nanny hunt, I feel like I've been running around the clock for the last six weeks.

DD was 9 months yesterday and still just as easy as the day she first arrived. She eats anything, sleeps constantly, plays happily for long stretches by herself. I don't know how I got so lucky, and I am not holding my breath that it is going to last but I am so, so grateful.

mom2boy said...

On the drop-off - I've been going with the less is more approach this past week. One hug and a kiss (bc the one time I didn't he talked about how I forgot for weeks!) and I walk away. I left him crying the first few days, one day he waved and walked off, another day his teacher distracted him and then this morning I had to peel him off of me but no tears. In the afternoons he says he doesn't want to leave so I'm going with he's doing fine once I am gone. I've heard and believe that the sad goodbyes are harder on the parents than kids. I think your DS will be okay. :)

I love this space you've created here and hope you continue to keep at it.

caramama said...

Congratulations! Way to blog, hush! I've read every one except the True Blood recaps, because I will one day watch that show, by god, and I don't want the spoilers!

As for the transitions, it's like the other say. I've done it both ways. When the Pumpkin was 2, I stayed with her until she adjusted and moved off, but it would still sometimes upset her. I actually think that wasn't just because she needed it because of her age and personality but also because of how that pre-school was set up (it wasn't a good fit for her).

But once we moved her to the Montessori school, I went with the quick drop off. In fact, they have a carpool drop off, and the mornings ALWAYS go better when we make that drop off time and I don't have to walk her into the school. So now I'm a believe of the quick drop offs.

Good luck with the transition! I hope he starts speaking bilingually soon! My daughter makes up words and tells me it's spanish (I'm positive it's not), and it gets a little annoying. I sometimes wonder if she's speaking in tongues... ;-)

The milliner said...

Congrats on the 100th post!

Love, love, love SLJ! And SLJ reading 'Go the F to Sleep'? Brilliant! My mini claim to fame is that he has one of my hats.

Our summer is rounding out the past entire year of crap. I really could use a change of pace soon. DS starts at his new daycare in 1.5 weeks. He does not do transitions well (esp. people transitions), so, having some experience with this now, I had many things planned to help with the transition: visits to the new daycare (which they encourage), playdates with his friend who will be in his class, ultra consistency with the routine at home, a book with pictures from his new daycare, etc. Generally, the less surprises for him, the better. Then, the bottom fell out. DS has been sick with croup since Sunday. I caught the virus he has and now am sick and exhausted too...and I have to start back to work this AM, after a 5 month absence. Not ideal. We'll deal, but man wecould really use a few things going our way right about now.

I agree with the quick drop off. But for my sensitive guy we also have to add in the gradual acclimatization (again recommended by our daycare), preparing DS in advance regarding what to expect and making sure there is at least one teacher who is respectful of his temperament (ie. Giving him time and space to observe and warm up to the situation, and being attentive but not in his face). For the last part, I've finally, after 3 daycares, learned that this really is a must for us. We wre lucky enough this time to find a place that takes this general approach with the kids.

hush said...

@Zenmoo - Sounds like an unbelievably warm "winter" - sending prayers for rain your way!

@Paola - Glad to hear you're back in running form for your upcoming race, and that your move went well!

@Got It, Ma! - I know we live on different sides of the country, but your thoughts on the problematic changes being made in your district echo what my friends with school-aged kids are saying around here. I wonder if it has anything to do with the economy and budget cuts happening everywhere? Anyway, good luck with the transitions.

@Cloud - "Trust the teachers for a while, then trust your gut if you don't think its working" = spot on advice, thank you! DS starts tomorrow. I wish you a lot of fun both in your vacation planning and in your actual vacation. Incidentally, I think our families will be traveling at the same time in Sept, though I'm pretty sure the Midwest is not in your travel plans as it is in ours.

@Jac - Your life sounds like it is at a peak of busy-ness right now! New house, new business, new nanny, a sweet 9 month old, and an almost-4 y.o. at a new Montessori school (just like mine) = wow! Good luck, and take it one day at a time.

FWIW, DS's Montessori requires each kid to bring a pair of indoor slippers for use only at school. We found a pair of (hideous, red) L. McQueen slippers from the cars movie that we're going to surprise him with the first day, and hope the novelty of getting to wear something cool helps him get excited about drop-off school.

@mom2boy - "One hug, one kiss.. walk away" is what I'll be chanting inside my head tomorrow morning!

@Caramama - Yes, one day you'll watch TB and you'll be sucked in! I hope you'll come back and comment as you watch some of this season's episodes - it will give me the chance to reminisce. "Believer of the quick drop-offs" is what I think I am, too, esp. in light of @mom2boy's thoughts, too.

@the milliner - SLJ has one of your hats? Awesome! He is one sharp dressed man for sure. That's so cool. I hope everyone at your house starts feeling better soon, and I'm glad you found a daycare that takes an approach that works for you and yours.

NK: Style-ING w/ Children said...

Hi there, I'm late to comment as usual! We're looking at starting daycare in about a month (oct 4th). It should be pretty interesting. Hopefully things go well.

Bilingual schools have been on my mind as of late, because for us English and French are #2 and #3, respectively. It's keeping #1 language in use that's causing us headaches! Thank god there are great daycares in language #1.

I'm planning on taking the morning off on the first day of daycare, to drop Baby C off with daddy (it will be his routine and not mine, unfortunately, or not, he he he). And yes, getting the hell out of there, because otherwise I will whine and plead for them to keep me there for the whole day so I don't have to leave her... pathetic much? but so true. Look at me, I'm almost crying just at the thought of doing that... sissy :P

PS. Baby C refuses to wear ANYTHING in her hear. But we got our ears pierced yesterday! and almost didn't cry. almost.

hush said...

@NK - It's not easy dropping your precious babe off at daycare/preschool for the very first time. I cried a ton the first few times I dropped my then 5-month old son off at his excellent former daycare - soon enough, eventually we both looked forward to those drop offs. Be gentle with yourself during this transition!