Sunday, May 1, 2011

Travel Sans Kids

On Tuesday, we all leave for my parents' home 2 times zones away from Podunkville. Two days later, DH and I will fly off to Vegas for our first trip together without either one of our kids in tow since becoming parents 3.5 years ago! It will be three days of blissful sleeping in, doing the deed, and eating and drinking to excess. And spending some quality time with 2 other temporarily child-free couples meeting up with us there. Hooray!!

Honestly, I am much more worried about my parents actually surviving the 3 days alone with our kids than I am about how our kids are going to manage the separation. I know the kids will be fine - they adore Grammy and Papa, and ignore us completely whenever they're around (which we LOVE!).

DH also just got Skype set up on his mobile, so we should be able to keep in touch the way the kids most enjoy keeping in touch.

I just found and filled out a "Temporary Delegation of Parental Powers" form on the internets, that is valid in the state they'll be visiting, which basically empowers my folks to stand in our official parental shoes should anything go wrong. Scary thought - but hopefully now that we've planned for that eventuality, in reverse Murphy's Law fashion, it now won't happen.

On May 3rd, I plan to pick up "Dead Reckoning," the new Sookie Stakhouse novel by Charlaine Harris. Should be an ideal vacation read, and will whet my appetite for the upcoming Season 4 premiere of HBO's "True Blood" in June.

See you back here in a week or so!


Parisienne Mais Presque said...

Have fun! Our one and so far only trip sans kids was a weekend in Baune, Burgundy a year and a half ago. Vacations "en tete a tete" are even better after you've had kids (and know what you're usually missing). I worried a bit about my in-laws at the time, and not at all about Petit, but everyone was just fine. I only had the slightest twinge of mommy guilt on the drive there, before I relaxed and "forgot" about that.

mom2boy said...

Good for you guys!! Enjoy!! I worry about the people taking care of Tate more than him, too. I feel like I've built up a tolerance to his energy level that most other mortals might find taxing after 48 hours. :) But then again they can spend the next week or month recovering so I stop feeling too badly about it. lol I'm sure your parents and kids will have a great time together.

I've been watching the True Blood reruns on HBO - wth they won't show last season yet!! I'm looking forward to the new book and new season now that I'm hooked on both.

Jac. said...

Have a great time! We've done that twice since becoming parents. Once when DS was 18 mos we went to Santa Monica for 4 days. Last spring, when I was three months pregnant, we did Vegas for 3 days. Those mini-breaks are so awesome - already planning my first since DD's birth. It'll just be an overnight in June but it's going to be great.

Also planning to pick up the new Sookie Stackhouse book as soon as it is available. Can't wait. Funny, the last one came out just when we went to Vegas - that was my vacation read too.

Melba said...

You sound like I did before we went to Vegas last fall. More worried about the in-laws than the kids (and rightly so, my poor mother-in-law was exhausted when we got back).

That was our first child-free night away, and the very first night we slept for nearly 12 hours straight without waking once.

caramama said...

I hope you guys had a great time! I'm totally jealous. Hubby and I need that pretty badly, but we can't do it for a few months at least. Sigh...