Monday, April 25, 2011

Creepy Bunnies and Sleep

This made me almost pee my pants. I've always thought giant bunnies (and of course, clowns) were scary. (Thank you, Andrew Sullivan and your fantastic blog.)

And, I give you, the ONLY children's sleep book you & yours actually ever really need. (Thank you, Stephany Aulenback, and your supercool blog.)

Yeah, you're welcome. ;)


Jac. said...

That book is going to be on my gift list for every new parent!

hush said...

@Jac - Glad you approve! I have a feeling you would also dig the "Daddy Drinks Because I Cry" onesie gifted to us after the birth of DS, and that both my kids have not-so-proudly worn.

Melba said...

OMG I have got to get that book. And then, like Jac, give it to every new parent I know from now until I die. Seriously that was hilarious! I wish someone had given me that at the peak of my sleep deprived delerium about 8 months ago.